Flower giftFlowers are typically appropriate for most occasions, but you have to be careful about treading into taboo areas or sending mixed messages with your thoughtful intentions. By following some basic etiquette rules, you should be able to navigate any landmines commonly associated with flower giving. Funerals

Flowers, such as the Sympathy Peace Lily from ProFlowers, are appropriate blooms to send to grieving families and bring peace and tranquility to a funeral. Flowers are usually sent to the funeral home, which displays the flowers during the viewing or memorial ceremony and then transfers them to the site of the burial. At times, the families prefer not to have flowers and ask instead for donations to be made to a charity of organization in lieu of flowers. You should honor those requests. Workplace Flowers

To be safe, it’s best to send romantic bouquets, such as red roses, to a person’s home instead of her place of business. When flowers are received in the workplace, unwanted gossip sometimes ensues. On the other hand, when your intention is to go public with your romantic intentions or show off your feelings toward a spouse or lover, then send the flowers to her workplace. Just be sure they will be welcomed, to avoid any misunderstandings. Get Well Flowers

Many hospitals have banned flowers from patients’ room because of the risk of infection, allergic reactions and other side effects that can occur from various blooms. It’s best to check with the hospital before sending a beautiful get-well bouquet to a friend or family member. Proper etiquette dictates the most appropriate time to send flowers to a person recovering from a surgery or illness is after he’s been released from the hospital. A bouquet such as the 100 Blooms of Get Well Wishes from ProFlowers is a thoughtful gesture that will cheer up any recovering friend. Best Wishes

Always consider the unspoken message when you send flowers. For example, while you may want to send a dozen roses to a co-worker as congratulations on a promotion, the flowers may carry an unintended romantic message. Sending flowers or one of these Bosses Day gifts to your boss may be misconstrued as looking for favors.  Sending flowers to a married friend of the opposite sex may cause problems at home. When you aren’t sure how well your gesture will be taken, it may be more prudent to send a plant or a fruit basket, gifts that cannot be misconstrued with hidden meaning or intentions.  Sending flowers or one of these Bosses Day gifts to your boss may be misconstrued as looking for favors.