Both are chocolaty. Both have spongy textures. And both are absolutely delicious. So what is the difference between the seemingly similar chocolate brownies and chocolate cake? Though the differences between the two are not significant, there are minor variations in the ingredients used to make them, their resulting textures, and the flavors in which they embody. And though many people may argue that brownies are simply a smaller version of chocolate cake, their minor differences really do set them apart from one another.

Chocolate Brownies


The main difference between these chocolaty delights is the ingredients used to make them. While almost every cake recipe calls for the basic ingredients of baking powder and baking soda, most brownie recipes do not. Cake recipes also call for about twice the amount of flour than brownies and a significantly less amount cocoa. These variances of ingredients affect the texture and taste of the two spongy treats, giving them another reason as to why they are different.


Texture and Taste

While they may look the same in texture and are considered the same flavor, the way brownies and chocolate cake taste is considerably dissimilar. Brownies are often described as having chewy or cookie-like consistencies and bake very flat and dense with a crackled top. Whereas the best cakes are prided on being as light and fluffy as possible, with a smooth, even top that is usually covered with frosting. Brownies are also considered to have a more intense chocolate flavor than their contender the chocolate cake, not only because of the way they bake, but because their recipes usually call for more cocoa.

Chocolate Cake

Variety of Flavors

Since bakers have learned how to make these popular treats, they have introduced many new flavors and varieties. For example, chocolate cake is no longer simply chocolate flavored cake with chocolate flavored frosting. Now, frosted cakes include chocolate mousse torte, chocolate velvet boule, chocolate truffle and many other varieties to be able to choose from. And brownies are no exception to the rule. Types of gourmet brownies include peanut butter brownies, fudge brownies, and brownie pops, as well as the use of brownie fillings like fruit, caramel and cream cheese.


With the option to quickly and easily send brownies online, as well as gourmet cakes, the hardest part will be deciding what kind to send. Mrs. Fields brownies are always a popular choice as a gift to wish someone well or to congratulate them. And three layer chocolate cakes are always a birthday favorite. Whatever you decide to send, hopefully they will choose to share it with you!


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