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Florists, also referred to as floral designers, choose, cut and arrange fresh and silk flowers for funerals, weddings and other special events. They arrange flowers in vases, wreaths and bouquets using a variety of decorations and wrappings. Floral designers, such as the florists at ProFlowers, also utilize gift baskets, food, balloons, ribbons and other gifts as part of their gift offerings. Cutting Implements

Like butchers and chefs, it’s important for florists to keep their cutting instruments sharp to make clean, even cuts quickly and efficiently. Multi-purpose scissors are ideal for cutting wire, ribbons, fresh flower stems and silk flowers. Many florists prefer separate cutting tools for each task, such as pruning shears for cutting live plants and wire cutters for the silk flowers and wire. Floral knives are used to cut foam and bouquet inserts. Separate scissors are used for cutting paper so that they stay clean and sharp. Adhesives

When preparing gift baskets and placing small decorations in baskets and bouquets, florists rely on a number of adhesives to put it all together. Most florists employ a glue gun for small designs. Spray glue is ideal for applying glitter or when working with delicate silk flowers. Moss adheres to floral foam with spray adhesives or spots of tube glue. Floral tape is green and used to wrap stems together without standing out. It’s stretchable and frequently used in creating corsages and boutonnieres. Dried flower arrangements are wrapped in brown floral tape. It also comes in white and light green for different applications. Floral Wire

Flowers and decorations don’t always stay in the places where you intended. Floral wire, or floral netting is flexible and light and corrects drooping stems or serves as a guide for the style the florist is trying to achieve. Floral wire is available in a variety of widths that work in different settings. Copper wire is sometimes used as its own attractive insert to hold up the flowers while adding a touch of color. Foam

Floral foam is green to match the leaves and stems of flowers and is a staple in the florist’s bag of tools. The foam is easily cut to the size of the container and stems, wire and decorations are pushed into the soft foam, which is designed to hold water as well. Foam inserts can help fresh flower arrangements last longer because the foam holds the water effectively. For artificial and silk flowers, the foam is left dry.