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When the unthinkable happens, deciding exactly what to say can be difficult. If you are sending sympathy flowers to someone for whom you care, you should pair the floral gift with a note expressing your deepest sympathies. To ensure that this note properly conveys your regret over her loss, select something heartfelt and appropriate to the occasion.

I’m Sorry

The primary purpose of sending sympathy flowers is often to express that you are sorry for the individual’s loss. Ensure that this purpose is clear by telling the recipient that you are sorry in the written note you include with your floral gift. This short and sweet phrase may not make-up for the person’s loss, but it will show them that you recognize his grief.

I Remember

Use the note that accompanies your sympathy flowers to reflect upon an enjoyable time you had with the deceased individual. Compose a short description of a time that typifies the individual’s existence, remembering how kind, thoughtful or caring she was. By doing so, you can make it clear to the recipient that while the individual may be gone, she has left a lasting impact on the world.

He Was Wonderful

Tell your flower recipient just how special the individual she is mourning was in your sympathy declarations. Compose a note, or tell her face to face, just how wonderful the individual was, making specific reference to the things that he did that set him apart from the rest and made him someone not to be forgotten.

I’m Here

When individuals suffer the loss of someone for whom they cared, they can feel as if they are all alone in their grief. Make it clear to the recipient of your floral gift that not only is she not alone, but that you are there for her and ready to help her overcome her struggles. By telling her that you are there to support her, you may make it easier for her to move through this difficult time in her life.