Semper Tulip

While the most expensive flower in the world is one of a kind, a number of costly flowers appear in romantic bouquets, wedding arrangements, and centerpieces. Typically, costlier blossoms require more effort and care to grow or are simply less common. These beautiful blooms can be paired with less expensive flowers to create arrangements you can afford.

Break the Bank

A few flowers come with astonishing price tags. Historically, the most expensive flower was the Semper Augustus tulip, which sold for as much as a fine home along the best canal in Amsterdam during the 17th century. Unique flowers, like a rare orchid sold at auction in China in 2005, come at a slightly lower price tag today. The new species of orchid, which took eight years to develop, sold for approximately $200,000.

Fragrant Favorites

While roses, peonies, gardenias and lily of the valley are some of the most expensive flowers commonly used in wedding arrangements and bouquets, these blossoms are worth the investment. Roses are the most accessible of these strongly scented blooms, available in a variety of colors. Try stunning red velvet roses to surprise her with white roses with a vivid scarlet edging and rich fragrance.

Bulb Beauties

While the Semper Augustus tulip may be the priciest bloom in history, tulips and other bulbs remain a pricey favorite for bouquets. Narrow, long-stemmed French tulips are the most expensive variety today. You can enjoy Dutch tulips at a more reasonable cost. Lilies, including the large and showy Casablanca lily, are another favorite that adds shape and dimension to bridal bouquets or a thoughtful get-well gift. If you prefer a fragrant bulb, the delicate blossoms of lily of the valley may be a wise investment.


Since the orchid won as the most expensive flower in recent history, it’s no surprise that even more-common orchids are a pricey addition to bouquets. Orchids are more often given as plants than cut flowers. ProFlowers offers cut dendrobium orchids in purple and white, as well as several potted orchid varieties. While cut orchids are short lived, you can enjoy the blooms on a potted orchid for eight to 10 weeks, making it a more rewarding investment.