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When the chill of fall sets in, you may worry that you won’t be able to find flowers as ravishing as those that proliferate the warmer months. While a logical fear, this concern is unnecessary since many flowers are still in season during this month. Though you can likely find nearly any flowers you wish during this time, you may be better served by selecting a seasonal flower, which may also prove economically advantageous and ensure that you get the freshest and most beautiful blooms.

Autumnal Marigolds

When people think of fall flowers, their minds most often travel to marigolds. These orange and yellow flowers are hearty enough to stand up to the fall chill and actually flourish during the early autumn months. Gift your flower recipient with a potted marigold plant that she can place in front of her home to welcome her trick-or-treaters or on her kitchen table along with some fall comfort food favorites.

Sassy Sunflowers

Though a flower with sun in the name may seem better suited to warmer-weather months, this bold flower is a seasonal fall favorite. The bold yellow of the petals and orange of the sunflower center, along with the hearty feel created by its massive size, make this flower a perfect fit for fall. While you can send sunflowers to any flower lover on your list, they are often particularly appropriate when commemorating the celebration of an accomplishment, since they are symbolically representative of pride.

Bird of paradise

Exotic Birds of Paradise

While not often grown domestically, glossy and stunning birds of paradise are in season in October. These bold flowers differ greatly from many other options due to their sharp lines and sturdy stalks. Consider buying your recipient a bouquet of birds of paradise, such as the one available at ProFlowers, particularly if seeking a less common floral option.

Dahlia Blooms

If seeking a relatively uncommon floral gift, give your recipient some dahlias. These stunning flowers come in many different varieties and hues, allowing you to select the perfect option for your gift recipient. These flowers are full and feature an assortment of bold colors, allowing you to craft an impressive fall bouquet that likely differs from others your recipient has received in the past.