Green hydrangea


Flowers grow best in the summer when they receive full sunlight for 10 to 12 hours. While many flowers bloom first in the spring in southern climates, the summer months of June through early September are the most productive for the majority of flowers. In the United States, home gardeners, garden shops and local nurseries enjoy the flowers indigenous to their areas, while the summer months in the Southern Hemisphere provide the bulk of flowers for sale when they experience summer December through February.


Snapdragons are easy to grow and flourish in damp, moist soil that’s well drained. They come in a range of colors, from white and lavender to pink, multi-colored and purple. Snapdragons grow in small bushes that respond well to cuttings as they continue to bloom through the summer and into the first part of October. The flowers work well as annual borders around lawns and gardens or in containers. They prefer full sunlight and can grow as high as 12 to 24 inches.


Begonias bloom fully throughout the summer and into early fall as well. The annual flowers grow well in pots or hanging baskets that provide good drainage. In the ground, they prefer moist soil that also drains well away from standing water. The bright colors of begonias blend well in mixed gardens among petunias and gardenias and give your garden a tropical feel. They prefer full sunlight and adapt well to areas in partial shade.


Hostas are one of the few summer blooming plants that prefer shaded areas, which makes them popular plants under trees and around buildings. Hostas are herbaceous perennials that are most remarkable for their wide green or variegated leaves. The white or lilac blooms that rise from the center of the hostas usually highlight the plants in the middle of the summer growing season. Hybrid hostas produce a fragrant bloom that grows to about 6 inches long. Hostas assume full maturity after four to eight years in the ground.


Hydrangeas produce flowers on the large shrubs in June and July, but according to the Virginia Cooperative Extension, new hybrids produce flowers straight through the end of the summer months. The flowers are globe-shaped and come in a variety of colors ranging from blue and purple to rose and vivid pink. Hydrangeas are perennial plants that grow best in partial sun because they tend to wilt in the full heat of mid-afternoon summers. You can purchase hydrangeas in full bloom from a site such as ProFlowers and replant in the garden for amazing blooms year after year.