Made out of lush chocolate, assorted fillings and an occasional outer coating, the bite-sized treat known as the truffle has a long and tasty history. It has become one of the most popular forms of chocolates to consume and is considered truly decadent by many, with its reputation being one of luxury and extravagance since its birth many years ago. Here’s a brief history of the truffles origin and how they are made into such a fine treat.

In 1828, the cocoa press was invented. This allowed chocolate makers the ability to separate cocoa butter from cocoa beans. What is left over after the butter is removed is called the chocolate solids. Over much cooking time and experimentation with these solids, a smooth and silky chocolate and cream combination was produced. This combination is referred to as ganache and it is used as the main ingredient and inner layer of truffles.

Sometime around December 1895, the first chocolate truffles were made. They were invented in Chambery, France by M. Dufour and by the early 1900’s the rest of Europe learned about truffles. Soon after that, they were introduced to the rest of the world. Because of the shape they took when made, they were named after the mushroom fungus plant known as the truffle. During this time, the consumption of this truffle plant was considered to be extremely luxurious and extravagant. Therefore, the truffle candy was associated in this fashion as well. Today, truffles still have the reputation of being a lavish treat but are much more affordable to dine on.


Essentially, truffles are a chocolate treat that can be easily recognized for their small round shapes. The interior of these candies always contains some form of the ingredient ganache, though at times these centers can be combined additional fillings as well. These chocolate truffle filling combinations may include ganache mixed with caramel, nuts, fruit, and liqueur to name a few. The exterior part of the truffle can vary from a simple dark, cocoa powder to a more extravagant coating of dark, milk or white confection enrobing. At times the exterior is topped additionally with nuts, chocolate sprinkles, and more.

Over time this candy has become a favorite for chocolatier chefs to experiment with, as they’re always trying to create the latest and greatest truffle recipe. Truffles are a great way to spoil someone on their birthday or as a way to say thank you. And to make it even more special, you can pair flowers and chocolate when you want to let someone know how much you care.