Often, when someone thinks of flower bouquets, they think of lilies, daisies or other bright and florally bouquets. But at ProFlowers, we know there are so many masculine options, which come in handy when you are looking to send flowers to dad! And let us reassure you that flowers and plants make great gifts for men! Sending dad an arrangement of orchids, a bunch of irises or a mixed bouquet are always acceptable Father’s Day gifts. They are gifts that dad loves because he knows they came from you as a meaning of love and appreciation. Although you can send dad any kind of flowers you want, we want to recommend a few of our favorite flowers for men.

Tropical Flowers and Plants

Tropical flowers are some of the most popular flowers to send to dad. Being very masculine with their smaller blooms and evergreen foliage, these types of flowers often Purple Orchid & Orange Bromeliad

catch dads eye, letting him relax and appreciate the tropical escape. Tropical flowers and plants can include orchids, bromeliads, bamboo and bonsais. You can find the orchids and bromeliads in a variety of warm hues and the greenery of the bamboo and bonsais are eye-catching and vibrant hues dad will love. All of these flowers and plants are easy to care for and can last long beyond Father’s Day. Dad will enjoy showcasing this Father’s Day gift in his den, office or man cave!

Flowering Plants

Want something that gives off the same lovely feeling as flowers, but will last longer? Flowering plants will do just that, which is why ProFlowers considers them another great Father’s Day gift idea. They are also the perfect gift if dad has a green thumb and would absolutely enjoy a gift he can tend and care to. Simply decide if dad would prefer roses, fragrant gardenia, and even azalea bonsai. And with so many blooming plants to choose from, you can further customize the gift by choosing a color that resembles his favorite sports team, your birthstone color (since it is a Father’s Day flower gift), or simply his favorite color!

Bamboo Twist Bouquet

Plant Bouquets

Another great Father’s Day idea is giving dad a plant “bouquet”. This kind of bouquet is all plant, no flowers! For example, a lucky twist bamboo resembles the shape of a regular blossoming bouquet, only without flowers. Or a ponytail palm can resemble the shape and feel of an orchid, but is really a miniature palm tree bonsai. Dad will love the idea of receiving a little green plant for Father’s Day that can liven up his work office, home office or even kitchen table.

Bonsai Tree Care for Beginners—Everything You Need to Know

Flowers stores online feature easy ordering and quick delivery. The hardest part for you will be choosing which flower or plant to send to dad. Just remember to take your time in choosing the best gift for him. The hardest part for dad will be deciding where he should put it! Pair your flowers with some of these amazing Father’s Day gift ideas and create memories that will last a lifetime.