The bright colorful blooms of a bouquet of flowers can cheer up most any sick room. While many hospitals limit the number and kinds of flowers they allow in rooms, flowers are appropriate gifts to send to sick friends and relatives recovering at home or in rehabilitation centers. It’s hard to go wrong when choosing the best get-well flowers.


While a bright explosion of color may be your first inclination to send to a sick friend, consider her feelings as you peruse your floral options. Blue flowers may be more appropriate if your friend or relative is feeling down because of the illness. Blue is a tranquil color and invokes soft meditative feelings of warmth and comfort. Blue flowers such as hydrangea, delphinium or lavender are spring and summer-blooming flowers that evoke tranquil and uplifting thoughts of blue skies and calming ocean waves.

Make Scents

Flowers with strong scents can be particularly healing for people recovering from an illness, according to psychologist G. Frank Lewis in “Psychology Today.” In addition to the physical effects of the illness, your friend or family member may be experiencing varying levels of stress associated with the sickness and his state of affairs. Strong-smelling flowers such as roses, lilacs, lavender and honeysuckle can produce Zen-like feelings effortlessly. The perfume industry taps into the psychological properties of scents and so should you as you look for good get-well flowers.

Go For It

Huge explosions of color are very hard to overlook. A large bouquet such as the Deluxe Carnival of Color or a rainbow of long-stemmed roses from ProFlowers can overwhelm the patient and bring him out of the blues. When all seems gray and negative, a huge bouquet of wildly colored flowers brightens the atmosphere and conveys the message that you are thinking happy thoughts and wish the same for your recovering friend. With a mixed bouquet, you don’t have to worry about colors clashing with a room’s d