With everything that we have going on in life, it is easy to get caught up in all the things we need to do and forget about all we have accomplished. However, everyone deserves to take a moment to appreciate themselves for the ways in which we have been “winning” at life. At ProFlowers, we want to remind some of our favorite blogger friends that they should celebrate their achievements, regardless of how little they may seem.  As a part of our ‘Welcome to Winning’ campaign, we sent our friends a bouquet of fresh flowers as a congratulatory “trophy” to hoist high and proud for all they’ve accomplished. Here are some of the ways they have recently been winning:

multicolored tulips

Sarah at Sweet Miles is focusing on her little wins throughout the day as she returns to work after giving birth to her first child, Adeline. As she adjusts to being a working mom, Sarah is happy if she has time to blow dry her hair or finish her cup of coffee before it gets cold. Last but not least, Sarah is celebrating by displaying fresh flowers on the kitchen table because they “cheer everything up.”


Monica at MidWasteland has a lot to be proud of since she launched her own company last year. Not only is her business thriving, but for the first time in her life she has, “popped up every morning excited to conquer the day.” However, sometimes working for herself can get lonely, and in those moments she grabs fresh flowers and champagne to cheer herself up. As Monica says, “bubbles and blooms make everything feel alright.” We couldn’t agree more.

pink tulips

Holly at Our Holly Days tries to take time every day to appreciate the small things that make her smile. The wins in her life are little moments that bring her happiness, like delicious smelling candles, finger paintings on the fridge and a vibrant quilt on her bed. What’s another small delight in Holly’s life these days?  “A fresh bouquet of happy flowers” that brings her joy whenever she sees or smells it.

pink rose macro

Carmen at Its Carmen has kicked off the year being hopeful and excited about the future because she thinks this year will be a “time of growth and knowledge.” She has good reason to believe it will be too, as she has already been gaining valuable professional knowledge and skills thus far in 2016. Carmen is also winning these days, because as a self-described “flower fiend” having a beautiful bouquet of flowers around makes her just a little bit happier.


Smitha at Running with SD Mom has been winning lately because of her daughter, Serena. Serena suffers from epilepsy and recently had her first seizure in a long time. However, rather than dwell in fear and worry, Smitha has decided to count it as a win that Serena is doing well now, and celebrates her for being the “bravest soul” she knows.



With everything going on in our hectic lives it’s important to take a minute every now and then to stop and smell the flowers, and to reflect on our recent accomplishments. How have you been winning recently? Do you take time to celebrate your wins?