Do you have nightmares of staining your dress or smudging your makeup right before the wedding? Of course, that’s unlikely to actually happen, but if it does you want to make sure you’re prepared. To help you make your walk down the aisle perfect, we put together an interactive list to help you combat wedding day emergencies.

We want you to focus on the good stuff! There are so many moving pieces to coordinate, guests to greet and cake to eat! Having small things like anti-inflammatory medicine, safety pins and earring backs on hand can really save the day.

Use the interactive checklist below to find out what you need for different scenarios. You might not need to pack everything in your kit. If you have a fabulously intricate dress, pay extra attention to our wardrobe section; for outdoor weddings, hair care may be more important. We included the top necessities in a wedding day emergency kit checklist and a <ahref=”#printable”>printable below.


Baby Powder
Earring Backs
Hair Elastics
Hair Spray


Blotting Papers
Breath Mints
Cotton Balls
Dental Floss
Eyelash Glue
Lip Gloss
Nail Clippers
Nail File
Nail Polish Remover
Top Coat Nail Polish
Water-proof Mascara


Allergy Medicine
Blister Treatment
Energy Drinks
Eye Drops
Insect Remover
Pen and Paper
Petroleum Jelly
Phone Chargers
Stomach Antacid


Anti-slip Shoe Pads
Fashion Tape
Lint Roller
Mini Sewing Kit
Safety Pins
Stain Remover
Super Glue
White Duct Tape

For easy use, we also made a printable that you can use as a checklist when putting your kit together.

Every bride should also speak with their florist about planning a mini floral emergency kit to avoid wedding flower disasters. If you are doing flowers yourself, we recommend bringing the following things just in case.

Floral tape – Floral tape is a gentle adhesive that is water resistant and only sticks to itself. This particular kind of tape is great for keeping bouquets together and its green color blends in with stems.

Floral pins – Floral pins help to keep bouquets and boutineers in place while also adding a pop of color or a note of elegance depending on the type.

Emergency vases – If you are using vases as a centerpiece on your dining tables, be sure to bring an extra just in case one breaks while being transported or during setup.

Clippers – Clippers are an absolutely necessary tool for any floral design work. These are great to have on hand in case any stems need to be trimmed.

Paper towels – There is bound to be a spill when transporting large arrangements filled with water. Bring towels or paper towels so you can deal with these situations quickly.

Zip ties – This is particularly relevant for brides getting married in churches. If you have any garlands along pews or flowers decorating your altar, bring extra zip ties. The zip ties will help keep all of that beauty in place!

Thumb tacks – Similar to zip ties, thumb tacks can help keep your flowers and greenery in place.

Extra bucket – Keeping your bouquet looking fresh all day is imperative. Make sure you have extra buckets on hand so you can keep them in water when not in use.

A few extra flowers – It is always a good idea to have a few extra of your key ingredient. If a flower starts to look a little, you will have a backup on hand so you can quickly swap it out!.

With your wedding emergency kit in hand, we know your big day will go off without a hitch! Check out our wedding flowers if you need any last minute flowers as your walk down the aisle approaches.