VolkerfriedenNurtured in full sun and a lot of water, the thirsty flower volkerfrieden comes in electric blue hues on tall sturdy stems. Because of its eye-catching color and shape, this flower mixes well with multiple bloom bouquets, as well as making a great flower in a stand-alone arrangement.

Take the extra steps below to care for your volkerfrieden. These instructions will help you ensure the flowers are not damaged as they are being prepared for vase life. Your flowers should bloom big and bright over the next few days.

1) Remove any protective paper or plastic from around your bouquet.

2) Fill a clean vase with room temperature water and mix it with 1 packet of flower food. Take extra precautions to certify the vase is clean. Volkerfrieden is especially sensitive to any kind of bacteria.

3) Excess foliage can muddy up water, so strip off any on the stems that will fall below the water level. It also has a tendency to suck up too much water, leaving none for the actual blossoms. So this step is important.

4) Cut the flower stems at an angle to open up their pores and allow them to drink more water. Do this step under water to eliminate any air bubbles that may occur, which precludes the flower from drinking. Trim about an inch off the stems.

5) The flowers will live longer in a cool temperature room. Protect your volkerfrieden from direct sunlight, heat and drafts.

6) Re-trim stems, provide fresh water and mix in second packet of flower food on day 3 or when the water is beginning to cloud up. Water that is starting to change colors indicates bacteria is growing, which is something that will cause the flowers to wilt faster.

7) Remove spent leaves and deadheads to keep bouquet looking fresh longer.

8) Always keep the water level fairly high. Volkerfrieden is thirstier than most flowers, so you may notice the water levels depleting quicker than normal.