Cellphone dateFrom scoring that elusive dinner reservation at his or her favorite restaurant to choosing the ideal gift that demonstrates just the appropriate amount of sentiment, Valentine’s Day requires almost military-like planning and a flawless execution to achieve success. But when everything does come together, you will find yourself rewarded with your sweetheart’s undying love and appreciation. Relying on an ever-increasing arsenal of technology is one way to ensure you have everything in place for “Operation V-day.” Whether smartphone, tablet or laptop, these wonderfully powerful tools are capable of an assortment of useful feats. From finding a restaurant that serves that same amazing meal you shared in that charming Paris bistro, to ordering her the most beautifully romantic bouquet of flowers, there seems to be no end to what these electronic marvels can do. But, as with all good things, there is a downside.  And the road to the perfect Valentine’s Day can be fraught with pitfalls, don’t let these techie mistakes ruin your Valentine’s Day.

Rule #1 – Hold all Your Calls

Unless you’re a superhero on-call to save the world from total destruction, never ever, under any circumstances, should you take a call in the middle of your Valentine’s date. No one wants to feel like they’ve been abandoned at the table while their partner chats away on their cell phone – especially on what is supposed to be a night devoted to romance and the two of you. If you’re a cell phone junkie, who just can’t seem to fight the urge to take or make a call, you might want to leave the phone at home or in the car. And remember, failure to heed this warning may mean you find yourself as a party of one.

Rule #2 – Let the Texting Wait

Your date deserves your undivided attention. That’s hard to get if you’re constantly glancing at your phone checking for text messages or scrolling through your list of emails. No phone calls also means no to email or texting. Spending the evening competing with your inbox or gazing at the top of your head while you exchange clever messages with your BFF is definitely not going win over his or her heart. So take a break from the keypad and you’ll be surprised how much you’ll enjoy what could turn out to be an incredible evening.

Rule #3 – Leave Your Entourage at Home

Most of us participate in some form of social media. Whether to simply reconnect with long-lost high school friends on Facebook, or showing-off your latest impressive DIY projects on Pinterests, social media has proven itself handy in the right time and a place. Sure, we know how important your 500+ Facebook friends or 100,000 Twitter followers are, but a truly magical Valentine’s Day is all about that one special person sitting across the table.     And finally, guys – please don’t think that sending her some desperately thrown together last-minute SMS message fulfills your Valentine’s Day duty. No matter how romantic and eloquent you think it sounds or how many emoticons you sprinkle in, she is not going to appreciate the sentiment carried by your “I just realized it’s Valentine’s Day so I’m sending you this text message hoping you won’t know I actually forgot.” Instead, take this time to set up a reminder in your smartphone, tablet or laptop calendar and get to planning something really special to surprise her this Valentine’s Day.    –