Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Guys, we both know that you’re looking for the perfect collection of Valentine’s Day delivery gifts for her that is both thoughtful and sweet. We’ve got a few pieces of good news for you: you didn’t entirely forget, there’s still time to shop and we’ve got your back. Phew. Get set to impress her with these marvelous last-minute gift ideas that don’t look the slightest bit last minute. Our advice, pick a bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers then add a gift that suits her personality. And don’t forget the card!

Valentine’s Day Survival Guide for Guys

1. Exotic Orchids She’ll swoon over the beauty of an orchid bouquet in a chic vase.

2. Jewelry Subscription We don’t know a girl who wouldn’t want new jewelry every month.

3. Cake Truffles Mmm…these tiny cakes are way more fun than a heart-shaped chocolate box.

4. Elegant Perfume Treat her to a bottle of her signature scent.

5. Fragrant Lilies These timeless blooms are a lovely way to show her how much you love her.

6. Cocktail Kit Create a craft cocktail kit complete with a recipe for her libation of choice.


With just a few clicks you can have Valentine’s Day all wrapped up. Ah… it was super easy and, most importantly, she’ll love her personal, unique gifts.

Psst…hey ladies. Think your man might need a little help? Just send him the link to this post as a helpful hint. If you need any more ideas then you can close send them to the Proflowers Valentines Day collection page!