Are you stumped about what to get your boyfriend this Valentine’s Day? Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your man can be stressful, especially with the holidays just ending as you try to rack your brain thinking about any gifts that he didn’t already get for Christmas! The good news is that Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about expensive, extravagant gifts, but rather about expressing your affection to your sweetheart with more thoughtful and romantic gifts, trinkets, and experiences. Your boyfriend likes to be spoiled on Valentine’s Day just like you do, but that doesn’t have to mean cute little teddy bears or a heart-shaped box of grocery store chocolates. This Valentine’s Day, turn to ProFlowers to help you lavish your boyfriend with unique, romantic Valentine’s Day treats that include charcuterie gift baskets, gourmet chocolates, chocolate-dipped strawberries, flowers, and so much more to create a Valentine’s Day you’ll both remember with affection.

What Should You Buy Your Boyfriend for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day should be about having fun while celebrating your relationship, not stressing about the perfect gift to buy. Instead of thinking about what you should buy your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day, think about what you can do to make the day special by creating a romantic ambiance. The best Valentine’s Day gifts aren’t necessarily ones that require you to spend a lot of money such as an expensive watch or electronic device, but rather expressing your love and affection with thoughtful gifts and romantic time spent with one another. Here are some fun ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts offered by ProFlowers that are sure to help you create a memorable Valentine’s Day experience for you and your boyfriend to enjoy together:

Set the Ambiance

Creating romance starts with setting the ambiance with beautiful accents to make the atmosphere feel more special and romantic. Nothing says happy Valentine’s Day better than a stunning bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers. ProFlowers offers a gorgeous variety of Valentine’s Day flowers that will make the perfect gift for your boyfriend to accent to your Valentine’s Day celebration. Choose an elegant bouquet of roses, the classic flower of romance, in a splendid bouquet available in red, pink, white, or assorted varieties to accent your date night decor. You can also let your inspiration be more tailored to your boyfriend’s specification by choosing his favorite flowers from a variety of mixed bouquets overflowing with other flowers such as lilies, daisies, carnations, and lush greenery. Set up your Valentine’s Day flowers as the centerpiece for your special meal, or scatter the flower petals around the room to create a whimsical, romantic setting. The natural beauty of fresh flowers, along with the intoxicating scent are sure to set the scene for romance.

Plan an Indoor Picnic

Once your space is filled with the fragrant scent of fresh flowers, set out some of your favorite candles, spread out a blanket on the floor, and enjoy a cozy, romantic picnic. ProFlowers will provide the perfect Valentine’s Day gourmet food basket to make you feel like you’re dining alfresco in the European countryside instead of just your living room! Your boyfriend will love our meat and cheese charcuterie gift basket filled with an inspiring collection of California nuts, dried fruits, cheese spreads, sausage, salami, mustards, and other snack delights. This is the perfect way to get cozy with your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day while enjoying some delicious charcuterie together that won’t have you feeling too full to continue the romance later into the evening!

Wine and Fruit

After you’ve enjoyed your romantic picnic together, turn down the lights and slow things down with your favorite bottle of wine and a fresh fruit gift basket filled with crisp apples, juicy oranges and sweet pears to enjoy together. This is a great way to keep the dining light, wind down your evening, and cleanse your pallets before dessert. Take the time to talk with one another about what makes your relationship special, and why you love spending time together. The real gift your boyfriend will cherish this Valentine’s Day is the time spent together and how special you make him feel.

Decadent Desserts

End your evening on a sweet note with one of our many chocolate and baked dessert Valentine’s Day gift baskets. Indulging in delicious chocolate confections are a must when it comes to the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend. But erase the picture of a generic, heart-shaped box filled with mediocre-tasting assorted candies from your mind! ProFlowers takes a more sophisticated, modern approach to indulging your sweetie with sweetness with a delightful assortment of creative chocolate treat baskets that make for a decadent dessert to enjoy with your boyfriend. Nothing is more romantic than luscious strawberries dipped in milk or dark Belgian chocolates. You can feed them to each other while sipping champagne, or enjoy the sweet, sensual flavor of ProFlowers’ best-selling chocolate covered strawberries on their own. Your boyfriend may also enjoy a gourmet chocolate gift basket filled with an assortment of nuts, pretzels, biscuits, truffles and other mouth-watering goodies covered in gourmet, Godiva chocolate. Whichever you choose, chocolate is always a sweet way to end the night!

What Are the Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Boyfriend?

The best Valentine’s Day gifts for your boyfriend are ones that are thoughtful and personal to you. Valentine’s Day isn’t about the gifts themselves, but how you choose to celebrate your relationship and continue to grow together. Whether you and your boyfriend have only been together for a few weeks or months, or you’ve been together for years, ProFlowers offers a fun variety of Valentine’s Day gifts for your boyfriend that he’s sure to love. Check out some of these unique gift ideas to send your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day:

  • Valentine’s Day Plants: Giving your boyfriend a plant is a gift he will be able to enjoy for many Valentine’s Days to come! Studies show that adding greenery to indoor spaces lifts mood, purifies the air, and elevates productivity. Surprising your boyfriend with a Valentine’s Day plant is a great way to brighten up his home or create a more productive workspace for his office. Let him know how much you love him by giving the gift of an air-purifying peace lily plant. It removes harmful toxins from the air while its white flowers add a touch of elegant beauty. Give him the gift of luck in the new year with a lucky bamboo or money plant. ProFlowers has a huge selection of succulents, green plants, hanging plants, indoor trees, desk plants, flowering plants, and air purifying plants that are sure to be a special gift for your boyfriend this Valentine’s Day.
  • Valentine’s Day Flowers: Women aren’t the only ones that like to receive flowers on Valentine’s Day! Make your boyfriend feel special by sending him a gorgeous bouquet of his favorite flowers to his home or his office. Choose flowers that have a special meaning for your relationship, whether that’s a particular flower type, his favorite color, or maybe flowers that remind you of another special memory you have with one another. Write a romantic message on the card and let him know how much you’re looking forward to seeing him later on that night to celebrate Valentine’s Day together. Give him a hint about what the night has in store for him and let him spend the rest of the day thinking about you!
  • Valentine’s Day Gourmet Food: Everyone loves to indulge in tasty treats on Valentine’s Day, and your boyfriend is no exception. If your boyfriend loves baked goods, send him a basket of Field’s gourmet chocolate chip cookies, filled with a variety of milk and white chocolate chip cookies, brownie bites, and cookie nibblers. ProFlowers also offers a delicious selection of beautifully decorated cake pops and chocolate dipped Oreo cookies. If your boyfriend prefers candy and confections, then his mouth will water when he receives a gourmet chocolate gift basket filled with Godiva chocolate-covered candies, nuts, pretzels, and truffles. Deliver your boyfriend a gift basket filled with delicious, decadent Valentine’s Day treats, and just hope that he’s willing to share some with you as well!

Valentine’s Day Gifts Delivered

No matter how you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your boyfriend this year, ProFlowers makes it easy to pick out the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend to make him feel special and know that you’re his number one! Choose from our wide variety of unique, online Valentine’s Day gifts that your boyfriend is sure to love. All of our Valentine’s Day gift baskets, plants, and flowers can be conveniently ordered online and delivered to both homes and businesses on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is the busiest delivery day of the year, so order early to ensure timely delivery. Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day together, or need to send your gift across the country, ProFlowers has your Valentine’s Day gift delivery covered.