Will you say I love you? What if he does? Are you saying enough? Did you say too much? The stress in finding a Valentine’s Day gift to send him the right message can be overwhelming. Let us help take the pressure off and inspire that perfect something with our beautifully curated Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Men. Whether you want to express true love or keep enjoying the friend zone, we’ve got 30 amazing gift options for the athlete to the barfly in your life.

The Athlete 

Does he hit the trails for a daily run or lift free weights in the garage? Let him follow his heart this Valentine’s Day with the Garmin vivoactive® 3 Music. Featuring a heart rate monitoring, sports apps, Garmin pay, music and more, it’s a multi-tool for his wrist. He’ll have all he needs at his fingertips without having to bring along his wallet or phone. Personalize your gift by preloading the sports watch with his favorite workout playlist. Getting a bit of a bad wrap as a corny gift, good socks are the unsung hero of fitness gear. Pamper his active footsies with the incredible arch support and comfy fits from Bombas. Pairing function with fashion, the exceptional socks cater to his sports preference and unique style. As if you haven’t already won him over, their give-back attitude will warm his heart. Help your guy get the most out of his gym time with an enhanced warmup and a customized recovery system. The Hyperice Normatec Pulse 2.0 – Legs boasts impressive technology to aid in increasing circulation and reducing soreness which will lead to less time hobbling around and more time for fun with you.

The Green Thumb

Breath life into the room and into your relationship with a gorgeous, lush potted plant plant from ProFlowers this Valentine’s Day. Full of benefits, like reducing stress and increasing creativity, potted plants also flaunt loving symbolism sure to elevate your partner’s mood. Gardenias convey purity and trust, bonsai exudes inner strength and harmony, and roses speak of red hot love. Whatever message you’re trying to send to your Valentine, ProFlowers has the plant to say it. A wonderful companion for his potted plant or for a charming stand-alone gift for your indoor gardener, an eye-catching, modern watering can is the way to go. This pretty, yet practical, tool is great for watering plants of any size, hanging or not, with no concern of spilling. Merge your man’s love of plant life with his fanship of the death star with one out-of-this-world gift. Whether he binge watches The Mandalorian or favors the original Star Wars trio, it’s undeniable that an adorably cute baby yoda chia pet will capture the red heart of your green thumb.

The Sweet Tooth 

A classic go-to for Valentine’s Day, chocolates are an excellent, no-brainer way to celebrate your loved one. But for those wanting to go outside the chocolate box, do-nut look any further! The decadent gems in this Belgian Chocolate Covered Donut Bouquet will send him into sweet, enraptured heaven. Known as the fruit of love, chocolate covered strawberries pitch up a double-play of romantic foods. To amp up the mood and enhance the flavor, pair your chocolate covered strawberries with a glass of crisp, bubbly champagne. For a more casual Valentine’s Day surprise, serve up some fun love with our Mrs. Fields® Heart You Treats Tin or a Hearts Eyes Candy Tray delivered to his doorstep.

The Romantic 

Can your guy run circles around Cupid? Fuel his fire with the passionate petals of roses. Red, the most classic of all roses, symbolizes love and respect while white roses convey spirituality and unity. Did you fall in love the moment you locked eyes? A lavish bouquet of the velvety, purple roses honor love at first site. Or are you two in it for the long haul?  Go with black for the roses that express eternal love. Poetry is known to be the language of love. Allow him to put pen to paper and express his intimate thoughts with a stunning leather writer’s log. Absence makes the heart grow fonder they say, but it sure doesn’t make it easier. Feel more in touch with your long-distance love with the extraordinary and chic Bond Bands. With a subtle touch of the band, your partner, no matter how far, will feel big vibrations of love this Valentine’s Day.

The Adventurer 

Are you the couple that loves to hit the road at a moment’s notice? Get him a dashing duffel from Herschel, and he’ll be ready in minutes to head up the coast or drive into the city for your Valentine’s Day getaway. Just as handsome as he is, the striking, modern bag is also full of function. No adventure gear is complete without a solid pair of sunglasses. The Zeal radium polarized sunglasses not only look polished, they feel incredible. Lightweight and durable, the sunglasses come with a protective case, perfect to throw in a bag and go. Bonus for nature lovers, Zeal is a member of 1% for the Planet and committed to the mission of giving back and building a healthy environment. Thrilling to both his competitive and conservationist sides, National Park Yahtzee is excellent for family game nights in the cabin or a quiet night in the tent just the two of you.

The Gamer 

No games here – couples that play together, stay together. Get your bodies moving and work up a sweet sweat with Just Dance or battle villains as a dynamic duo in Crash Bandicoot 4. A win-win, he gets a Valentine’s Day gift that’s totally his level, and you get to spend more together. More of a retro gamer? Heat things up with a pac man heat changing mug. Outrun the ghosts of Valentine’s Day past with this nostalgic gift he’s sure to love. Nothing beats a fresh cup of coffee and a good read. Rack up a high score by pairing his mug with an interesting look at the inspiration behind and the History of Videogames or dive into the Game Art with 40 interviews from the designers themselves. Turn his passion for gaming into zeal for you this Valentine’s Day!

The Techy 

Take him to another dimension with the Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset. He’ll have all circuits going with the system’s impressive hardware, immersive entertainment and premium display. Prefer to go with something you can both enjoy? Although compact in size, your Valentine’s Day will be a grand affair with the Kodak pocket projector. Make it a magical movie night in the backyard by the fire pit or bring your binge-worthy favorites to the big screen on the tent wall under the stars. No matter where you go, you’ll be connecting with each other with or without connection. For your Apple-loving, tech guy, energize the electricity between the two of you when you give him a 4-in-1 charger. With it’s sleek, black design and fast-charging capabilities, it will be no shock to see his smile light up. From digital to real life, he’ll feel the power of your love this Valentine’s Day.

The Music Man 

Music has the power to bring people together. Show him that your love is no performance or drum up the courage to say ‘I love you’ with a Valentine’s Day gift that will leave his heart beating with glee. A cool modern take on the age-old mix tape, he’ll always hold you near with the Spotify keychain. Completely custom, the remarkable keychain is engraved with a personal code that will send him on a musical journey to the song, album or playlist of your choice. Harmonize his morning routine with a bluetooth showehead. He’ll be singing your praises when you give him this hit-maker of a Valentine’s Day gift. Tune into his enthusiasm for the art of music with a stunning soundwave wall hanging. A gift that will speak volumes, choose the song that played during dinner on your first date or served as the background to your first dance at your wedding. Regardless of your selection, the result will be an exquisite representation of your relationship. Hit all the right notes this February 14th with a gift that will trumpet your affections.

The Foodie 

It’s always been said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. He’ll be high on love and eating out of your hands with Snoop Dogg’s cookbook – Crook to Cook: Platinum Recipes from Boss Dogg’s Kitchen. Or treat your favorite foodie to a captivating culinary lesson directly from the best with a Gordon Ramsay Master Class. From setup and ingredients to top-level execution, your at-home amateur will learn what it takes to be a master chef. Dish up the romance and cook up memories that will last a lifetime this February 14th. Chef’s kiss indeed! Where there’s smoke, there’s fire! Ignite the passion with a build your own barrel smoker for your grillmaster. The high-temperature, powder-coated barrel is rated up to 900 degrees and is large enough to smoke four racks of ribs or one complete brisket. Wholly smokes! You’ll be on-trend with this hot Valentine’s Day gift. Salute his savory side with a Valentine’s Day Charcuterie Gift Crate from ProFlowers. Packed with superior snacks and delectable delights, the gourmet gift basket will feed his soul. Touch his heart from afar with a Valentine’s Day gift delivery from ProFlowers.

The Barfly 

Love is intoxicating. Take a shot at romance, and let your feelings pour over this Valentine’s Day. Show him that your relationship is right on target with the interactive and fun tabletop cornhole set. Keep it casual or launch it to the next level. Either way, there’s no beans about it that this wonderfully hand-crafted game will score you big points on Valentine’s Day. Keep love off the rocks and roll with a rustic, oak bar cart. Stir up the emotions by filling the cart with stylish glassware and his favorite cocktail ingredients. You’ll have him feeling dizzy in love with this spirited Valentine’s Day gift. Let him know something’s brewing with a Craft Brew Club membership. The gift that keeps on giving, you can choose for him to receive craft brew deliveries monthly, every other month or quarterly. Cheers to you two and your bubbling affections as you celebrate Valentine’s Day!

No matter what you get your love this Valentine’s Day, take advantage of the special opportunity to get to know them better in the process. In the hunt for that ideal gift, you may find yourself listening for hints a little more intently or asking a few more questions than usual. Let that insight and their preferences guide you. And who knows what you’ll learn or what doors this may open for your relationship!