Going out on the most romantic holiday of the year can be hectic and downright expensive. While dinner at a fancy restaurant is nice, staying home and cooking can be rewarding and much more relaxing.

We teamed up with our fellow blogger friends to put a little more creativity into Valentine’s Day this year. We challenged interior designers and DIY enthusiasts to create beautiful and unique centerpieces, perfect for a romantic dinner in, using our flower arrangements. Below are some of our favorites.

Tania from RuntoRadiance.com decided she and her boyfriend were definitely staying in this year. She took our Shower of Flowers bouquet and separated the blooms into small vases. She set them over a beautiful white tablecloth, and voila, her dinner was ready (minus the food, of course).




Jennifer from HydrangeaHippo.com used two of our birthday bouquets to complete her table setting for a romantic date night in. She personally designed the napkin wraps, gilded gold trays and pillar candle wraps. See her DIY table guide here.


Amy from ANestForAllSeasons.com used Lavender Wreaths to create a lasting centerpiece. She said, “Every year on February 21, many women throw out bouquets of those broken, tired blooms.” Amy encouraged us to “make Valentine’s Day last longer than a day.”


Morena from MorenasCorner.com decided to create a centerpiece for a Valentine’s Day brunch with the little ones. Knowing her daughter currently loves owls, she thought the ‘Owl Always Love You’ potted plant was “too cute to pass up.” We agree.


Bre from BrePurposed.com took white tulips and pink roses and created a simple, yet elegant centerpiece. After she was done, she couldn’t resist trying out something else. The result was, of course, gorgeous. Read more here.


Karen from Crafts-for-all-Seasons.com created a completely original and awe-inspiring piece. She placed individual quills onto painted pots and arranged the flowers inside each one. She describes the whole process in her post. We took some DIY notes.



Lisa from CondoBlues.com created a romantic and modern pink rose centerpiece. She used mini candle holders to hold her flowers and created a beautiful arrangement complete with a heart terrarium.


The next time you choose to stay in for a romantic dinner, consider creating a unique and inspired centerpiece out of fresh, vibrant flowers to really set the mood. Red roses are certainly romantic, but any of these fresh ideas are sure to make the meal all that much more special.