Did you know passing out Valentine’s Day cards is a 600-year-old tradition? The oldest record of a Valentine is a poem by Charles Duke of Orléans that he gave to his wife in 1415! Today on Valentine’s Day, people give flowers and cards to their peers to share the love.


If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day party idea for the kids or a way to keep them busy, we have a lovely idea to celebrate. We created adorable coloring pages designed with hearts, flowers and everything Valentine’s Day for the little ones to craft. They can even be used as cards to attach to beautiful bouquets! Join in on the fun and color with your little ones. Find all printable Valentine’s Day coloring sheets below. Just download, print and start coloring!

Heart Coloring Pages

heart coloring page


Love is in the air and hearts are ready to be colored. Have your little ones display their hearts by hanging them on the wall or fridge. Decorating with colorful hearts is a great way to show love to yourself.



Flower Coloring Pages

flowers coloring page


Flowers are a common symbol of this holiday. In fact, it’s estimated that more than 250 million roses are grown solely for Valentine’s Day. After coloring this page, grab a bouquet of roses and a printable flower bouquet tag to give to your Valentine.


download flower coloring pages


Everything Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages

everything valentines day coloring page


For traditional fun, print out these coloring sheets featuring lovely Valentine’s Day illustrations. These pages make for wonderful personal greeting cards. Add a Valentine’s Day quote to make the artwork unique to you.


download everything valentines day coloring page


If you want more ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, check out these activities featuring games and extra coloring sheets:


Time to get busy! Once you finish personalizing each coloring page, the little ones can hang them up or give them to friends and family with a Valentine’s Day bouquet. We hope you and your loved ones feel the love all month long!