From the end of March through early May, Mother Nature delights the world with a blooming explosion of color. You’ll know it’s tulip season when you see green fields turn into rows of bright pink, yellow, red and purple petals. Tourists travel far and wide to experience the brilliant display in places like Holland and Washington State.

If you can’t make it to Keukenhof this year to see the 7 million bulbs in bloom, we have the next best thing. Our photographic collection showcases the beauty of the tulip from all corners of the globe. Peruse the images of colorful flower fields, take a closer look at the macro shots of a single bud, and enjoy the artistic qualities of this magnificent flower.

Orange and Blue Tulip

“Orange and Blue Tulip” by Franck Minez

Tis Tender Tulip Thursday

“Tis Tender Tulip Thursday” by Harold Lloyd

Serpent Garden

“Serpent Garden” by Agustin Rafael Reyes


“Sprung” by Robert S. Donovan

Tulip Duet

“Tulip Duet” by MCLC Books

Ensemble Pres de la Seine

“Ensemble Pres de la Seine” by Julie Kertesz

Sunny Tulips

“Sunny Tulips” by Plamen Stoeve


“Strawberry?” by Papadont

Tulips in April

“Tulips in April” by Andreas Helke

Sea of Yellow

“Sea of Yellow” by Perry McKenna


“Untitled” by Louise Leclerc

Sweet Dreams

“Sweet Dreams” by Horizontal Integration

Tulipa Flambae

“Tulipa Flambae” by John

Same Fence, Different Tulips

“Same Fence, Different Tulips” by Clint Mickel

Colors and Petals to Be

“Colors and Petals to Be” by Yannis


“Multi-Colored” by Matt Shalvatis

Tulip Schmulip

“Tulip Schmulip” by Bada Bing

Backyard Tulip Glow

“Backyard Tulip Glow” by George Thomas


“Tulips” by Ann Gordon

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