Valentine's Day Phone Apps

It can be one of the most romantic or one of the most disappointing days of the year. If you’ve struggled in the past to pull off the perfect Valentine’s Day date, take heart. Fortunately, the key to finding the most romantic meal, exquisite wine, or incredible gift are all right in the palm of your hand. We’ve picked a few of our favorite cell phone apps to help you put together a spectacular Valentine’s Day your special guy or gal won’t forget.

Evernote App

Evernote Food (iPhone, full Android version in the works) – This was one of our most favorite apps. It will definitely appeal to your inner foodie. If your Facebook timeline is filled with colorful images of your latest gastronomic exploits, this is definitely the app for you. Not only will it help locate the ideal romantic backdrop for your Valentine’s Day, but it also allows you to document and share all of your most memorable food moments. And if throwing on your chef’s jacket and cooking up your own gourmet meal appeals to you, there’s even access to thousands of recipes with search by food capabilities.  Unfortunately, at this writing only the iPhone version provides the full experience; however, an Android version is in the works. Price – Free  UrbanSpoon (iPhone, Android) – Not as robust as Evernote’s Food app, but still has some nice tools. UrbanSpoon allows you to search by location, what’s nearby and browse a list of category options like romantic restaurants, those featuring outdoor dining, waterfront or open late. You can read restaurant reviews to see what others are saying, and reserve your table. And if you’re feeling adventurous, the “shake” feature serves up randomly selected dining options, or you can set a location, cuisine type and price to get more focused choices. It’s missing the beautiful interface of the Evernote app, but it is a helpful alternative. Price – Free Swirlpro (iPhone, Android) – Even if you can’t tell the difference between a Pinot and a Shiraz, the SwirlPro wine app will have you sounding like a Sommelier in no time. Simply select your dinner, appetizer or dessert from the list of options and SwirlPro will provide recommended wine pairings you can use to impress your Valentine. There’s also a useful tracker to remember your favorite vinos and those you prefer never to have again. Whether you’re a true oenophile or just need a great wine to complete a romantic dinner this app does it all. Price – $2.99  El Gift App


El Gifto  (iPhone, Android) – Along with having one of the coolest app names around – El Gifto – come on, just saying it will make you feel like a superhero. Ok, maybe not. But it is like having your very own personal shopper to take the pain out of finding great gift ideas for your sweetheart.  Whether the true intellectual or total outdoor man or woman, El Gifto will deliver a list of suggested gift ideas based on criteria like age, gender, interests and price range. It also gives the option to track an item to see if the price goes up or down. This app takes the pain out of gift buying. Price – Free

IMDb App

IMDb (iPhone, Android) – What could be more romantic than dinner and a movie with your true love? You’ve prepared (or ordered) the perfect meal, selected a beautiful bouquet of her favorite blooms, now it’s time to find just the right film to complete your Valentine’s Day date trifecta. Billing itself as “the world’s largest,” and with a library of more than 2 million titles we tend to believe them,  this app allows you to search for nearby movie showtimes, view trailers, and find the newest DVD releases. So whether you choose to spend your Valentine’s out on the town or curled up on the sofa together, IMDb has a flick for that. Price – Free iHeartRadio (iPhone, Android) – Everyone knows the right song can change everything. This app gives you access to more than 1500 stations of commercial-free music, as well as a “Perfect For” feature that lets you tailor your tunes to whatever mood you’re in. If your ideal Valentine’s date is a romantic picnic along the shore, poolside at some tropical hideaway or simply a quiet evening together at home, this app delivers the right soundtrack for romance. Price – Free Virtual Candle (iPhone) – You’ve taken care of the food, the wine is chilling and you’ve selected the ideal gift, all you need now is a little mood lighting. Fortunately, iPhone has an app for that too. So cue the music, turn the lights down, and dine by the romantic glow of this Virtual Candle – and you don’t even have to worry about remembering to blow it out. Price – Free   –