pink candlesWhen it comes to Valentine’s Day decorations, nothing says Valentine’s Day quite like the traditional decorations you probably witnessed in grade school, right? Wrong, there are  many decoration ideas that can   turn this romantic holiday into the adult affair it is. From handmade decorations to Valentine’s bouquets, find the tips on Valentine’s décor below to create a luring love chamber that will ignite the flame in your flame.

Roses – are the most traditional romantic flowers, so it’s a no brainer to incorporate them into your decorating scheme. Martha Stewart Living recommends using a variety of colored roses in everyday bouquets, but since this is Valentine’s Day after all, reds, pinks, and whites fit the common color scheme. However, if you are looking to branch out of the color norm, try cream & lavender bouquets, or blue & red bouquets. Have the rest of your color scheme match the bouquet colors. .

Candlelight – is a staple to passionate nights, so the perfect romantic decorations should always include a few samples of illumination. Stock up on a variety of red, pink and white candles, and scatter them wherever you think a little glow might come in handy—usually corners, shelves, and in front of mirrors work well.

More Candle Tips: Place crystals next to the candles to add a splash of starry brilliance on the walls. suggests using rose petals or red cardstock to decorate the outside of plain votives to give them a more festive appearance. For a cuter approach, take a hint from Better Homes and Gardens – fill vases with Valentine’s Day candy and place tantalizing tea lights on top.

Glittered RosesGlitter – is not only a child’s arts and crafts product. No, in fact, if you are looking to take your romantic scheme one step further, then it’s essential that you incorporate glitter onto the flower arrangements. Martha Stewart also recommends using a mixture of nontoxic white glue and water to adhere the sparkles to the flowers. Fill a spray bottle with the glue mixture in order to affix glitter to the entire flower, or use a small paintbrush to make the edges shimmer. With candlelight in the background, your flower bouquets will appear as magically as your soon to come night.

CinnamonScents – can be vital since smells strike the body sense before sight. SixWise claims that cinnamon, vanilla, lavender, orange and Jasmine are some of the top romantic scents to both men and women. So go to your grocery store, buy some vanilla and put a couple of drops into a spray bottle full of water and spray it around the house. Or make a batch of homemade cinnamon cookies. Entice the senses, entice the mood.

Window Hearts – Believe it or not, paper hearts don’t have to look like they belong in a first grade classroom. For example, Martha Stewart created a gorgeous arrangement of hanging hearts for Valentine’s Day with just wax paper and crayons. They look adorable hanging by a window.

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