December 1 and at least eight gifts still sit on the Christmas list. With no two friends or family members alike, the gifts should be as unique as the recipients. Do trips to eight different stores lie ahead for you in the next few weeks?

Not if you turn to the variety and quality of ProFlowers’ unique gift baskets. The foodie on your list will jump at the chance to try each of the rare cheeses in the Artisan Cheese Gift Basket. One friend is overdue for the pampering that comes delivered in a spa gift basket, where another’s life will be so much easier after receiving a Gourmet Gathering Gift basket filled with sophisticated appetizers perfect employee gift for his upcoming office holiday party. The best gift baskets contain unusual, hard-to-find elements like peppermint kettle popcorn, a lavender-scented bath bomb or Vella Romanello cheese. Find lots of options for beautiful gift baskets as well as gourmet Christmas gifts at ProFlowers.

Christmas cookies assortment


Cookie Gift Baskets – $19.99 

A special gift for those wide eyes at Christmas time, the Holiday Pajama Bear with 10 Cookies delivers the comfort of a teddy bear with the excitement of brightly decorated cookies. Focused just on Christmas, children won’t soon forget this messenger of holiday cheer. The Christmas Bear with his red snowflake pajamas brings up Christmas Eve memories all through the year. Leave one of the unique, hand decorated gingerbread and sugar cookies out for Santa on that one special night: Christmas Eve. Grandparents, aunts and uncles considering sending kids gift baskets quickly become favorites when they choose the Holiday Pajama Bear with 10 Cookies at Christmas.





organic favorites fruit gift basket


Organic Fruit

By now, every American has a vegetarian, vegan or organic food connoisseur on their Christmas gift list. What better way of showing your respect for their ethics than by getting them 12 pieces of the highest quality organic fruit? Christmas gift baskets don’t have to be filled with salami and snacks. Healthy gift baskets like the Organic Extravaganza contain fruit grown without pesticides or herbicides, picked as close to ripe as possible, and then shipped with extreme care (and soft packaging). The pears, apples, oranges, grapefruit, kiwi and avocados all come from United States Department of Agriculture certified organic farms.


cheese gift basket


Artisan Cheese Gift Baskets

Friends and relatives won’t find Romanello, Farmstead Cheddar, Carmody and Jack cheeses this fine in their local grocery stores. These special treats from California’s legendary producers come packed in a lidded hamper that can become a permanent, decorative container for kitchen or bath. Food connoisseurs appreciate the carefully crafted and selected flavors ProFlowers’ cheese gift baskets contain.



snacks gift basket chocolate covered raisins almonds cashews


Gourmet Christmas Gift Basket

Have a lot of people in one spot to buy for?  Send holiday cheer in the form of this avalanche of gourmet foods including: smoked salmon, Ghirardelli chocolates, kettle popcorn, mocha almonds, cranberry harvest medley, salsa and much more. The Gourmet Gathering Gift Basket also makes an ideal gift when you want to thank a lot of employees at a business, a class, a department or even a neighborhood! Perhaps your most over-the-top way to send an abundance of holiday cheer, the Gourmet Gathering Gift Basket takes care of many in one swift move.


Chocolate Gift Basket

chocoalte cravings gift basket



ProFlowers’ Gift Basket Bonanza Make Holiday Gifting Easy and Fast

A smart way to solve even the most perplexing holiday gift obligations is to rely on ProFlowers’ gift baskets delivered. We carry the variety to match everyone on your list, from the harried homemaker to the overbooked executive to the child dreaming of sugarplum fairies, and even a Christmas gift for dad, who is impossible-to-shop-for. With the variety of options and prices available, it’s easy to get the perfect gift for grandparents, friends, in-laws, co-workers and more. Shoppers are sometimes surprised at how cheap gift baskets can be. Particularly when using a coupon, a significant number of ProFlowers’  gift baskets online cost under $50, even after shipping. Enjoy the holidays rather than letting the stress of tasks undone pile up. These popular gift baskets with their unique components always surprise and impress. So relax and be merry! ProFlowers gets it done for you.