Gone are the days of grabbing a pack of balloons and a cake from the market for birthday celebrations. With the invention of Pinterest came a whole generation of DIY party planners throwing extravagant gatherings for nearly every one of life’s special occasions. Every last detail is meticulously planned and well thought out, as it should be, right?

So how can you be sure to throw the most excellent, on-point party? We’re uncovering the very best trends in birthday bashes, so yours is nothing short of fabulous.


Color Pop Party 

Color Pop Birthday Party Decor

Hot trend alert: Bunting, paper globes and color, oh my!

We’ve taken a cue from our Pink Pop Birthday Azalea, and incorporated lots of bright colors with fresh whites. We set our table with a crisp white tablecloth, clear modern serving dishes and white cake stands; and served tasty treats, like popcorn, powdered donuts (another must-do trend) and white-frosted birthday cake.

We mixed in fun colors and patterns with our plates, napkins and straws, and put out colorful candies. Our pretty pink plant on the table also adds a vibrant burst of color. Multicolored bunting and bold paper globes scream, “let’s get this party started!” by creating a fun, festive atmosphere. This is the perfect party for someone who is full of life, and loves to be social.


Rustic Outdoor Affair

Rustic outdoor birthday party

Hot trend alert: Mason jars and tree-stumps

Because mason jars are totally in, and totally remind us of the rustic countryside, we were inspired by our mini pink mason jar orchid to throw a woodsy, outdoor birthday party. In keeping with the pink theme, we served ever-so-refreshing pink lemonade in super sweet milk bottles with pink- and white-striped straws. We tied raffia around the bottles to give them that country-chic appeal.

We really kicked this party into rustic overdrive with a cupcake stand and serving platter made out of real sliced tree stumps. We also hung burlap bunting and placed cute pink flags in the cupcakes for extra festive finishes. This is the perfect party for a friend who loves all things outdoors.


A Flamingle

birthday flamingle

Hot trend alert: Flamingos, obvi!

If you aren’t living under a rock, you have probably noticed these perfectly pink little birds popping up all over the place. So we naturally decided to throw a flamingle. This party color scheme includes various shades of pink, black and white. We hung a pink tassel garland and placed anything flamingo on the table, including cake toppers and our new flamingo plant pot.

We set out black- and white-patterned straws and napkins, and pink plates along with sweet pink candies, and even pink ice cubes for drinks. This is the perfect party for someone who loves pink and loves to have fun–enough said!


Garden Gathering

garden gathering

Hot trend alert: Gnomes, polka dots and flower lettering, yay!

Our blue hydrangea comes in this incredibly charming mint polka dot bucket, which inspired us to throw a garden party. We used a green, blue and white color scheme throughout, with green glasses, baby blue dishes and white cupcakes topped with sweet blue flowers. (Cupcakes have been a thing for a while now, and are definitely not going anywhere any time soon.)

To make guests feel like they’re dancing in the middle of a gorgeous garden, we placed cupcakes on terracotta stands, and set a cute little garden gnome with fresh greenery on the table. We also created this gorgeous floral sign out of pretty hydrangea. This is the perfect party for someone who loves quaint and fanciful celebrations.


Circus Social

birthday party

Hot trend alert: Gold paint and party streamers

Everyone loves a circus, really! So we’ve created a circus-themed birthday party, grown-up style. We hung multicolored streamers to resemble a circus tent, and carried that look to our cupcake wrappers. We spray painted plastic toy animals gold, and set them out as ultra-chic table décor, along with our freshly popped pink rosalea plant (because what’s a circus without popcorn, right?).

We placed colorful candies in uniquely shaped dishes and served delicious (and pretty) gourmet sodas with striped straws. Also for a fun treat or party favor, we filled little boxes with classic animal cookies. This party is perfect for a total party animal, or even translates to be an adorable baby shower theme.


Whether you’re planning a party for your bestie, or for yourself, make it spectacular. Every birthday is special and should be celebrated with style — have fun with décor, flowers, treats and drinks and put a unique touch into all the little details.