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Shopping for Mother’s Day can be a fun experience. Knowing you’re going to express your love and gratitude to Mom for all she has done feels rewarding and exciting. But sometimes, it’s hard to know where to begin the shopping journey. These tips will help you send the perfect Mother’s Day flowers to mom, grandma, your wife or any woman in your life you would like to celebrate on this special day.

Tip #1

Understanding the meaning of flowers and flower colors before you send them to anyone is important. For example, the pink rose is a popular gift for this holiday. It expresses love, gratitude and appreciation, all things you want to say on Mother’s Day. But a red rose gift evokes love and passion, something a husband would express to his wife. Tulips generally mean grace and love, while daisies represent beauty and innocence. Every type of flower means something different, so do your research before sending grandma a bouquet of romantic red roses! For a complete list of meanings, visit our Flower Meanings guide.

Tip #2

Choosing the perfect vase to accompany the bouquet can make this gift even more special. With most of our arrangements coming with vase options, you can really customize this gift. To choose the perfect one, compare the vase choices to the personality and style of the recipient. Do they like a modern look? Are they more traditional? Do they navigate towards bright colors? Whatever their style is, we’ve got a vase that will absolutely please them.

Tip #3

Check out other gifting options. Maybe a bouquet of flowers doesn’t tickle her fancy, but a flowering plant is the perfect solution. If she has a green thumb, sending a flowering plant that she can care and tend to will make her happy for weeks, months or years. Many of our flowering plant gifts come with vase options and upgrade options, just like our bouquets, and make for a fresh and terrific Mother’s Day gift.

Tip #4

Don’t wait until the last minute! Time can pass by pretty fast, so make sure you order sooner rather than later to avoid higher shipping fees and a possible late Mother’s Day gift.

Whatever bouquet or plant for Mother’s Day you choose to send will surely make her smile. Just remember these tips and this will be the best Mother’s Day yet!