If you are on top of all the health food trends, you no doubt have tried kale. This food fad is so hot right now; we actually decided to put it in a bouquet—because while kale is tasty and healthy, it’s also beautiful.

Once you receive your Lavender Love bouquet, you have the creative freedom to style it however you want. Here are three ideas to get you started. Watch our video and see how easily it’s done.

To prep for each style, fill your vase with water, remove any leaves that may fall below the water line and trim the stems at a diagonal—the length will vary depending on your vase.


Large Ginger Vase

Purple roses and kale bouquet in Large Ginger glass Vase

One option for this bouquet is our large ginger vase, which is clear, glass and wide at the base and a bit narrower toward the top. First insert the kale, then the roses and hypericum. We like to start with all one type of flower, and then move on to the next type, so they are all evenly spread out. Be sure to place the stems at an angle, criss-crossing them as you go to help hold each one in place.

We typically fill the outside of the bouquet first to create a good base for the center blooms–this helps the center blooms stand up better. Lastly, add the eucalyptus at the end to fill in any open spaces around the outside of the other blooms. There you have a perfectly pretty arrangement!


Shorty Vase

purple roses and Kale Flower Bouquet in Shorty glass Vase

Short, clear glass vases are great because they really make the blooms the focal point of the arrangement. Trim the stems slightly more to fit the vase and then follow the same steps outlined above. Place your bouquet in any room to make a bright, bold statement.


A Tubular Vase

Lavender roses and Kale Arrangement in Tubular glass Vase

We found this really cool and unique vase with 10 small tubes joined together. To create this look, trim the stems even further and place one or two blooms in each tube. You really can’t go wrong since all the blooms are beautiful and go so well together.


You may be intimidated at first when you open one of our boxes, especially if you aren’t familiar with styling your own bouquet. We’re here to help with our series on styling tips. Before you know it, you’ll enjoy coming up with new, fun, out-of-the-box (pun intended) ways to arrange your blooms—as there really is no right or wrong way.

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