It’s not really news that fresh flowers can really prettify a party space. The right blooms can help set the tone and theme for your birthday bash. In fact, we’d say fresh flowers are equally as important to your party as the cake, or the music, or the drinks (you get the idea).

While traditionally we style our bright bouquets in a vase and violà perfect party décor, we actually like to think outside the vase from time to time. Here are 10 ideas for bringing blooms to your blowout, without the vase.

Floral Bracelet


Forgot your jewelry? Create a stunning floral bracelet instead! These little pretties also make perfect party favors to give girlie guests as they arrive. Or, consider creating a little “crafting station,” where you and your crew can make them together, over some margaritas of course.


Floral Party Hats


No birthday is complete without fun, festive party hats for guests to wear. Make yours extra special with a single fresh bloom on top.


Floral Garland


Decorate any party space with a fresh floral garland. So much more festive and beautiful than traditional paper garland, these beauties are sure to let guests know this is one swank celebration.


Floral Sign


Forget the outdated party banners and create a gorgeous sign out of fresh flowers. Choose colors to go with your theme, and spell out anything from “Yay!” to “Party!” to “Wild!” Or, make one with the birthday guy or girl’s initial.


Floral Mirror


Everyone looks better surrounded by flowers. Place some seasonal blooms around a mirror and hang it in the entryway. Guests will love seeing their reflection encircled by summery blossoms.


Floral Cake Décor


Flowers and cake go hand-in-hand, really. Take any ordinary cake from drab to fab by simply placing some fresh blooms on top. Check out these stunning cakes for inspiration.


Floral Crown


This trend is popping up all over Pinterest and for good reason. A floral crown can add a whimsical, boho touch to your celebration, and dresses you up just right for the occasion. This is an absolute must, especially for the birthday girl and her besties.


Floral Giftwrap


Bows, wrapping paper, printables…all beautiful and festive gift wrap necessities, but have got nothing on fresh flowers atop a pretty present. Make the gift look as spectacular as what’s inside with bright summery blooms.


Floral Chandelier


It really doesn’t get much prettier than this. Make a floral chandelier for your birthday bash by hanging fresh blossoms upside down, tying them by the stems. Choose seasonal blooms for a fresh, gorgeous look.


Floral Backdrop


Everyone loves a good photo booth at a party. Create a floral backdrop by separating the blooms, trimming the stems and taping them to the wall using pretty, colorful washi tape.


There are so many ways to incorporate fresh flowers into your birthday party décor, without resorting to the traditional bouquet-in-a-vase look. And while we will always love the classic vase, try being a little different, a little creative, and you’ll have a party that looks right out of your “perfect party” Pinterest board.