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When it comes to romance flowers, roses always take the cake. With their delicate petals, rich colors and elegant stems, they make the perfect gift for that special someone or a unique addition to your backyard garden. But did you know that many different rose bouquets have their own unique scents? Here are some of the most notable roses to consider.

1. Fragrant Cloud. These coral-orange blossoms are hybrid tea roses that were introduced in Germany in 1967, according to They have a delicious citrusy scent that many gardeners find simply intoxicating. Enthusiasts in cooler climates may find that their Fragrant Clouds have a deeper red coloring, which complement a variety of other garden blooms.

2. Fragrant Plum. Better Homes and Gardens Magazine relies on these scented blooms for vase arrangements, as they frequently boast flowers with picturesque shapes. They’re lavender colored with deeper purple at the edges of the petals, and they smell a bit like plums!

3. Mister Lincoln. These stunning red roses are considered by many avid gardeners as one of the best hybrid tea roses in existence, reports With strong-scented soft petals and lush green foliage, you might want to place this specimen front and center in your garden so everyone can get a good sniff!

4. Double Delight. According to, this cheerful yellow and red variety is definitely worth finding a spot for in your garden. With an excellent scent and such vibrant petals, you might want to place these somewhere where other blooms won’t have to try and compete.

5. Heritage. These thick English roses have pastel pink petals and a sweet lemony smell, reports Better Homes and Gardens. They don’t have as many thorns as most roses, and they’re very hardy, which makes them perfect for beginner gardeners to cultivate.

6. Just Joey. These roses have orange petals that fade to pink as they fan out, reports Many people consider this type one of the loveliest smelling blossoms, and they work well in a garden full of bright summer perennials.

7. Madame Alfred Carriere. Better Homes and Gardens points to this rose as a popular classic. Developed in 1879, these pinkish-white flowers have a sweet yet curiously spicy scent that will surely add intrigue to your yard.