You know you’re in trouble. The question is, how do you adequately say “I’m sorry” in your particular situation? Flowers are a classic gift for making up with a lover, but selecting an appropriate size is key. Give something too small and it may appear insincere, too large and your partner may wonder if there are more serious problems yet to be discovered. Choose from our list of common dating mistakes and we’ll suggest the best ways to turn anger into affection.

If you haven’t done anything wrong (yet), but just want to earn some extra romance points, make the effort to show that you’re thinking of your partner throughout the day. Sending a sweet text message or a pretty bouquet is a good way to enhance your relationship cred and pre-empt having to apologize later.

Check off one or more misdeeds to find the number of flowers needed for romantic redemption.

Didn't notice:
Told your partner:
You arrived late:
Neglected to:
Forgot to:
Committed social faux pas:
Took sides:

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