If Mom’s garden has been looking a little bare lately, you might be interested in buying plants for Mom on Mother’s Day. While individual blooms are always nice, there’s nothing like a flowering ground cover to spruce up the area and provide the yard with other benefits. Aside from offering gorgeous color and delicious fragrance, ground covers can protect against erosion, cover sloped areas and hinder weeds. Now these are gifts Mom would like! Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Lily-of-the-valley. There’s nothing more beautiful or more classic than these tiny white bells. These blooms thrive in the shade and spread quickly, reports Spring Hill Nursery, so you’ll have a nice thick ground cover in spring and summer. They’re also luxuriously fragrant.

2. “Walker’s Low” catmint. According to Fine Gardening Magazine, these purpley-blue blossoms have a pleasant minty scent when you touch them, and they’re great for adding interest to the ground around hydrangeas and other flowering shrubs. They also work well to complement roses.

3. Dianthus “Bath’s Pink.” Landscape-America.com recommends this ground cover for slightly alkaline, well-drained soil that’s in full sunlight. You’ll have bright pink, fringed flowers that are very hardy. Just remove the dead flowers regularly to promote new growth.

4. Lamium. Better Homes and Gardens Magazine suggests using this easy ground cover for shady bare spots in the yard. It also features clusters of pink or white flowers and interesting silver-speckled foliage for when the blooms aren’t in season.

5. “Herrenhausen” oregano. This decorative species of oregano won’t add much flavor to meals, but the pretty purpley-pink flowers will spice up the yard, reports Fine Gardening. They’re hardy and drought-resistant and you may find that butterflies tend to flock to them!

6. Hardy Ice Plant. According to Landscape-America, the hardy ice plant is great for covering dry, sandy soil, developing into a lush carpet of green leaves with bright pink spiky blooms. They prefer growing in areas with sun to light shade.

7. Bunchberry. The lush foliage of this plant, which turns purple in late season, is enough to make this choice a favorite, but Better Homes and Gardens reports that springtime brings cute white flowers in the center of each bunch. In the fall, bright red fruits show up for an attractive change of pace.