We know a thing or two about romance, and we’re letting you in on a little secret: all she wants, from you, is to be surprised. It’s true; it’s really that easy. Sure, you may tell her you love her daily, and perhaps you even nailed it with her birthday gift this year. That’s all well and fine, but now’s the time to get brave. Do more. Love boldly. Here’s how.


1 – A car full of roses
A car full of roses

Whether you give her a single rose or a million roses, the surprise is what will really leave her speechless (for once). Be a little more adventurous with your love. How about filling up her car with as many red roses as you possibly can? Get sneaky after she goes to bed, and maybe even enlist the help of some of your bros. Imagine her shock, and then her elation, as she walks out the door to start her morning commute.


2 – A book of love

A book of love

This is a good one for those seasoned couples out there: create a book of your favorite photos. Now this may seem like it requires more work than you think. Simply go to chatbooks.com and you can literally have your entire Insta feed printed and bound into a beautiful book. You know you have at least a hundred posts between the two of you. Having a hard copy of your best memories together is somehow more meaningful. You can create a book for one adventure in particular too, like your last trip to Hawaii. It’s a great way to relive all those special, and every day moments.


3 – A surprise for lunch
A surprise for lunch

She loves when you take her out to a nice lunch on the weekends. Since she’s been so slammed at the office lately, try surprising her with a homemade lunch for her to take to work during the week. You don’t have to be a culinary genius to put together her favorite sandwich, some snacks and an adorably cheeky love note. Her love for you will grow immensely from this simple, yet incredibly thoughtful gesture.


4 – Cook up the love

Cook up a romantic meal

There’s something very romantic about cooking together. Whether you’re a world-class chef, or your specialty is a frozen pizza, take a cooking class with your one and only. Learning something new and creating something together is a great way to connect. Have fun, laugh at yourselves during the process, and then enjoy the fruits of your labor.


5 – A special delivery…or three
A special surprise delivery of roses

She loves flowers on her birthday, on your anniversary and most definitely on Valentine’s Day. But here’s something that will really blow her mind: send her red roses for absolutely no reason at all. Whether you have them delivered to her home or to the office, she will love love love this unexpected surprise, and you even more. Go one step further and send her a few bouquet deliveries in one day. It will be funny and over-the-top and completely romantic.


6 – A second first date

A romantic date

Remember your first date with your boo? Was it awkward? Was it perfect? If you want your romance game to be on point, surprise her by reenacting your first date. Take her to the same places—dinner at that hole-in-the-wall Thai place, coffee at that sweet little shop. Reminisce about that day or evening together, and all those warm fuzzy feelings of a new romance will come rushing right back to you both.


7 – Walk of love
Go on a romantic walk in the park

Sometimes the simplest of gestures can be the most romantic. Surprise your sweetheart with a leisurely stroll—through a park, along the beach or even just around your neighborhood. Be sure to hold hands to up your romance game, and most importantly keep electronics out of the equation. You both might be a little surprised how the conversation flows, and how meaningful this effortless act can be.


8 – Coffee, pleaseCoffee, laptop, and notebook

When you and your love are juggling hectic schedules, anything you can do to make life easier for her is strangely romantic. Breakfast in bed is always a lovely treat…but who has time to luxuriate in bed all morning? You know she has a favorite coffee drink, and is always in a mad dash to the café to get it before her 8 am meeting. Here’s an idea: get it for her. Wake up a tad earlier, sneak out while she’s showering and order it just how she likes it. A chivalrous act plus showing how well you know her equals outright romance.


9 – Computer love

Romantic computer desktop image

After your sweetheart logs off for the night, log right back in and change her desktop wallpaper to some sweet, romantic red rose graphics. This is a fun, clever (and easy) way to “send roses” to your bae. As she starts her workday the next morning, she’ll be greeted with a reminder of your love, before she’s even gotten her coffee.


10 – Weekend getaway

Romantic Weekend Getaway

Get out of town…literally! Book two tickets—plane, train, whatever—and spend the weekend someplace new. Breaking out of your everyday routine will reignite the romance for any couple. The best part about this bold act is it really doesn’t matter what you do or even where you go so long as it’s different. You can even hop in the car and drive an hour away, stay in a nice hotel, treat yourselves to a fancy dinner (or better yet, room service) and call it a day—a romantic day at that.


The best time to really show your love is when it’s completely unexpected. Take her breath away with either an over-the-top, bold gesture, or do something small and simple to really wow her. Try any of these ways to love boldly for no reason at all, and you’ll be surprised how much she loves your surprise.