Last month we taught you how to make your own succulent garden to display the buzz-worthy plants beautifully in your home or office. Now that making your own succulents terrarium is a breeze, we’re diving deeper into the world of these green beauties to offer more ideas and creative tips to decorate with these gorgeous plants. Take a look!

Spruce Up Your Succulents Garden With These Tips


Add a Splash of Color

The greenery of succulents is beautiful but adding some eye-popping color to your succulent gardens can really complement your home décor and personal taste. Try some bright containers to match your room or glass beads that match those throw pillows you love. There are no rules with color so have fun experimenting and adorn your succulent garden with as much or as little color as you want.

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Style with Decorative Objects and Fillers

Incorporating other bits and pieces in with your succulents will really bring your garden to life. Moss, small rocks, textured material and other fillers are an easy way to add some of your own style into a succulent terrarium or garden. Don’t worry, as long as you don’t go overboard, decorative fillers will not harm your plant.

Have Fun with Unique Containers

Succulents are hardy and can grow anywhere—making them fun to plant in new and creative ways. Experiment with different containers and pots when making a miniature garden for your home. Try aorchid or terrarium for a tropical look or vintage tins for a retro vibe. Think outside the box (literally) because no box or container is off limits with versatile succulents.


Creative Ways to Decorate With Succulents

Create a Lush Centerpiece

Bring a little bit of nature indoors with tablescape of succulents on the dining or coffee table. The miniature green oasis will feel like a breath of fresh air in the center of a room and make guests feel welcome.

Decorate a Party with Succulents

Succulents are a unique and unexpected plant to use for a party, and the results will get you more green-thumbs up than you could imagine. Try hanging some airplant globes in the backyard to add some depth to the landscape of a stylish outdoor celebration. Planning a wedding? Set a new trend and have a garden-fresh wedding with succulent tablescapes and centerpieces.


Just remember, when it comes to succulent gardens—there are no rules. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, decorating with succulents is fun and easy with picturesque results and almost fail-proof upkeep. So tell us your creative ideas and ways you’ve added your one-of-a-kind style to the succulent craze.


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