There is no denying that the best thing about summer is getting outside, relaxing with a cool cocktail and basking in the warm weather. Throw a few fun friends into the equation, even better. But who can enjoy those sweet summer days in a yard that looks downright dull?

No matter what kind of outdoor space you have, there are always ways to boost the bling factor. Here are our tips for getting your garden stylin’ just in time for summer.


Tip 1: Color, color and more color  

summer patio

Summer is all about bright colors and fun, funky patterns. Now is the time to go bold—like we did with these gorgeous garden chairs. If you don’t want to buy new chairs, find some statement seat cushions to give your old ones some added flair.


Tip 2: Accessorize

tropical bromeliad

You fill the inside of your home with accents—rugs, vases, candles—why not do the same with your outdoor space? We placed this adorable lantern on our two-person table, and added another layer of color with a trendy patterned outdoor rug. With the addition of our tropical bromeliad in an orange-painted pot, this space is super summer social ready.

On our larger outdoor tablescape, we placed a simple striped runner down the center, along with an outdoor candle in a glass hurricane, for an extra inviting look.


Tip 3: Plants


Plants in your garden are a no-brainer. But for the summer months, choose plants in artistic, decorative containers. Since macramé is a hot re-emerging trend, we hung this awesome airplant in our hot pink macramé hanger.

We also put a twist on our living succulent wreath—instead of hanging it on a door, we placed it around our candle as the main focal point of the table. Our summertime succulent garden adds a chic element to the table too. These unique touches help transform your entire garden into an outdoor oasis.


Tip 4: Lighting

tablescape with lighting

Create a magical ambiance in your outdoor space with a string of bulb-style lighting. Use multiple strings of white lights to mimic the beauty of the starry summer night, perfect for an outdoor evening affair.


Tip 5: Serve up the fun

succulent wreath on table

When enjoying your outdoor escape with friends, serve up a pitcher of cool sangria in a funky pitcher and mismatched wine glasses, like we did here. We also found an array of uniquely shaped bottles for other libations, and placed them all on a bright lime-green serving tray for an added pop of color. We also used plates and dishware in mismatched colors for more punches of color on the table.


Whether you’re flying solo in the sun with a good summer read, or gathering with friends for some sangria on a warm summer night, make sure your outdoor space is the perfect setting for a selfie or an “usie”. Enjoy the season for all that it has to offer, while you can!