Statice Flower

Picked at just the right time so the blooms will last longer in the vase, our statice is often used as accent flowers in mixed bouquets with flowers like daisies and roses. When the other flowers in the bouquet begin to wilt away, dry out your statice for craft use, such as a dried arrangement or a dried wreath.

Your ProFlowers mixed bouquet that is decorated with statice, will come prepared with 2 packets of floral food and easy to follow care instructions. Your bouquet blooms will grow fuller over the next day or two when these instructions are followed.

1) First, carefully take off from around your bouquet the protective plastic liner.

2) Following that, the floral foam needs to be discarded. This was only put on to keep your flowers fresh in transit. To do this, we recommend for you to pull the bag that covers the floral foam and the floral foam itself, off the bottom of your bouquet in one swift tug. This ensures the bag will catch any excess floral foam that may fall everywhere and cause a mess.

3) Any remaining foam should be cleaned off the bottom of your stems.

4) Strip excess foliage off of stems that will fall below the water level. This excess foliage can muddy up water, or it can suck up too much water, leaving none for the actual blossoms.

5) The final step in preparing the flowers for vase life is to trim the stems. Trim them while they are under water. Remove an inch in the direction of an angle. The reason flowers stems are cut is to open up the flower’s pores and allow them to drink water easier. When it is done under water, it eliminates any air bubbles that may occur that prevent the flower from drinking.

6) Fill vase with a mixture of room temperature water and 1 envelope of flower food. Your flowers are parched and need to sip water for a few hours to perk up and begin to blossom.

7) Place the flowers in a room that has a cool temperature and is away from direct sunlight, heat and drafts.

8) Maintain your flowers by changing the water and re-trimming the stem on day 3 or when the water is turning yellow and cloudy. At this time, also provide them with the second envelope of flower food. This is important to maintain the flowers and keep bacteria from growing.

9) Your bouquet will stay fresh longer if you remove spent leaves and deadheads.