Start of Bethlehem

Full sunshine, fertile soil, and proper cultivation produce the Star of Bethlehem’s showy white flower heads in a star shaped pattern. Associated with meanings of purity, hope, and happiness, it brings this to every ProFlowers bouquet it is in.

Star of Bethlehem

Your mixed bouquet accented with Star of Bethlehem, will come paired with 2 packets of floral food, as well as basic care instructions. Please note, these flowers are thirsty from their travels and need to drink water for a few hours to perk up and begin to blossom. By following our instructions, your bouquet of blooms will blossom over the next day or two.

1) Upon arrival, the protective plastic liner from around your mixed flower bouquet needs to be carefully removed.

2) After the bag is removed, pull the bag covering the floral foam, as well as the floral foam itself, off the bouquet stems in one swift tug. When you remove them together, this allows the bag catch any excess floral foam that may otherwise cause a mess.

3) If any excess foam is left on the bottom of your stems, clean it off.

4) So as not to shock the flowers with a water temperature, your vase should be prepared with a mixture of room temperature water and a single packet of flower food.

5) Discard any excess foliage on the part of stems that will fall below the water. If this is not done, the chances of the water becoming bacteria infested are greater and the flowers will wilt faster.

6) While the stems are submerged under water, cut at an angle (for easier water absorption) 1 inch off. Cutting the stems opens up the flower’s pores and allows them to drink water. The reason you should cut them under water is to eliminate any air bubbles that may occur that prevent the flower from drinking properly.

7) Keep your Star of Bethlehem and other flowers away from direct sunlight, heat and drafts and in a room with a cool temperature.

8) Proper maintenance of the flowers includes re-cutting the stems, changing the water and feeding them the second packet of flower food. This should be done on day 3 or when the water is turning yellow and cloudy, which is an indicator of bacteria in the water.

9) Remove spent leaves and deadheads to keep bouquet looking fresh longer.