Wow, what a winter. Some states got dumped with snow, while others dealt with extreme drought. However, we can all be excited about one thing: spring is here!

It’s such a refreshing time of year, and we’re already beginning to see natural changes. Beautiful flowers peek out of the ground, temperatures even out—everything just feels optimistic.

To celebrate the seasonal changes, we’ve asked some bloggers to share what spring looks like in their area. We’ve included their photos below, and we want to see yours too!

Just snap a photo that says “spring” to you and share it on Instagram with the hashtag #PFspring. We’ll share our favorites on our feed and tag you! Not a photo pro? Not to worry! Check out our mobile photography tips blog post.

So, what does spring look like to you?

Heather Hills

Heather Hills – – Peoria, AZ

Leticia Bar

Leticia Bar – – DC

Hillary Chyblinski

Hillary Chybinski – – Philadelphia, PA

Boulder Colorado

Anonymous – Boulder, CO

Maricris Guadagna

Maricris Guadagna – – Charlotte, NC

James Hills

James Hills – – San Diego, CA

Katja Presnal

Katja Presnal – http://www.skimbaco.comLinköping, Sweden

Maricris Guadagna

Maricris Guadagna – – Charlotte, NC

Nancy Loo - Palm Desert

Nancy Loo – – Palm Desert, CA