Spring has sprung and it’s time to celebrate! There’s nothing better than enjoying a light snack with a loved one on a gorgeous spring day. Today I’m sharing a fabulous and colorful luncheon for two. With a few tips, tricks, and one deliciously sweet recipe, you’ll be able to recreate this look effortlessly.


Whenever I’m planning a get-together, big or small, I always start with a color scheme. Lately, I’ve been a big fan of combing blue, green, and aqua. There’s something about that combination that feels so fresh and modern. While I try to stick with this scheme for most of the decor, I also tuck in a few unexpected pops of color. Flowers are my go-to for unique splashes of color. This particular arrangement, Smiles & Sunshine, with a rainbow of colorful flowers, was perfect for the table.



I also really like the blue mason jar. It has a rustic-meets-modern feel. I carried that look through the rest of my table by including some wood plates, brass candles sticks, modern salt and pepper shakers, and a unique table runner.

Springtime Luncheon | Inspired by Charm & ProFlowers

The food also fits the theme. A rustic salad and grilled chicken sandwich, dressed with your favorite toppings, create a light, but delicious afternoon meal.



Close by in my dining room is my simple, but hard-working little bar cart. Whether I’m shaking a cocktail, pouring a glass of wine, or mixing a pitcher of lemonade it’s nice to have an area where drinks reside. This way, as the host, if I get busy with the party or event, my guests know where to go to help themselves to another beverage. And don’t forget to decorate this space as well. An easy-to-care for-succulent garden adds life and freshness.

Springtime Luncheon | Inspired by Charm & ProFlowers

Springtime Luncheon | Inspired by Charm & ProFlowers

And last but not least, let’s talk dessert. For today’s luncheon, I decided to make a Frosted Sugar Cookie Bar. Because honestly, what’s better than a cookie? A whole pan of cookies! I drew inspiration for the bars from these amazing orange roses. I used four different frosting colors to create a unique and gorgeous ombre effect that mimics the look of the flowers. You can get the recipe for these cookie bars on my blog, Inspired by Charm.

Springtime Luncheon | Inspired by Charm & ProFlowers

Springtime Luncheon | Inspired by Charm & ProFlowers

And that wraps up my colorful springtime luncheon! What do you think? What fun ideas do you have for hosting the perfect party?

Michael Wurm, Jr. is a designer and Lifestyle Blogger. On his blog, Inspired by Charm, Michael shares his love and tips for a decorated life. Whether it’s ideas for easy decorating, a delicious recipe, or a unique DIY project, his goal is to provide the tools and inspiration for everyone to live a happy, colorful life.