Spring Relationship Reboot

The weather is warming up, the birds are chirping and days are becoming longer. Yes, it’s true: spring has finally sprung! However, is your relationship not quite as flourishing as the bright spring flowers now in bloom? Are you and your partner in need of a good “spring cleaning” to revive a dwindling romance?

It’s easy to become complacent in any romantic partnership, especially with the cumbersome cold, grey winter months dulling your once-dazzling courtship. Just as the springtime brings about a new freshness, here are five tried and true ways to breathe new life into your relationship:

Start a Conversation

Sink into a conversation

Communication is one of the keys to a successful relationship. Sure, it’s easy to talk about the kids, or what to pick up at the grocery store. But how do you get a good, meaningful and productive conversation started that could improve the quality of your union?

According to The Gottman Institute, try these conversation cards. Each card asks an important question that you and your partner take turns answering. Questions involve such topics as romance, work or money. It’s important to continue getting to know your partner, whether you’ve just started dating, are about to become married or are even a veteran couple.

Spend a weekend afternoon or evening together, and simply flip through this deck of cards. Or make a commitment to answer one question each a night until you get through the deck. You are sure to gain some profound insight into the person with whom you are sharing your life.

Plan a Vacation

Plan a vacation

Day to day stresses can certainly cause a relationship to become mundane. Plan a vacation and get out of your element. It’s almost guaranteed that a week basking in the sun in the French Riviera or strolling the cobblestone streets of Florence will rebuild the romance. However, those aren’t necessarily realistic goals for a lot of couples.

Whether you get away for a week, or spend a weekend in a neighboring town, taking yourselves out of your everyday routine forces you to focus on one another and more specifically on your relationship. Even taking the steps to plan the retreat together allows you to reconnect, and the joint excitement for the trip ahead can also reignite the romance.

For a lot of couples with children, even the simple pleasure of hiring a babysitter and going to the grocery store or grabbing an ice cream, just the two of you, can seem like a vacation. Anything you do that is out of the ordinary can help you both to look at each other in a new, positive light.

Get Moving…Together

Go Exploring

Exercise releases endorphins—the chemical in your brain that makes you happy. Now, exercising with your loved one seems like a logical solution to add a little spice to the relationship. Go on a bike ride, jog, or walk together. Or participate in a fun class or activity togetherlike yoga, surfing, kayaking or even a dance class. Find a common interest and make a commitment to participate in this activity together on a regular basis. Not only will you bond, but also you will improve overall health, which is imperative to a happy life, and hence a happy relationship.

Additionally, seeing your spouse as healthy and fit may reignite that physical attraction, bringing back those exciting feelings you once had at the beginning of your courtship.

Surprise Each Other, Just Because

Bring back the butterflies

It is important to always be thoughtful of your partner. Reinvent your romance and surprise your beloved with something that you know he or she would enjoy. Send a bright floral bouquet to your sweetheart’s office, or bake some decadent dark chocolate dessert you know he would love. It’s a simple gesture to let your loved one know they were on your mind today.


Bid adieu to technology

There is no doubt about it; we are in the age of technology. While yes, technology has evolved into somewhat of a necessity for most, it is important to your relationship to unplug from time to time—unplug the mobile phone, the TV, the Internet, anything that causes distraction from quality time with your partner.

Have dinner at the table, play a board game, go outside for some fresh air or just sit and talk and catch up on life—even if you can only manage one night a week. There is no substitute for making new, fun memories together, or spending time reminiscing about past memories. It is during this time when you are disconnected from everything else that you can truly engage with one another and remember why you began this partnership in the first place.

Every relationship experiences ups and downs. It takes work to maintain a good partnership, especially when both parties become a little too comfortable with every day routine. Spring is a perfect time to dust, polish and revitalize the romance. With a little bit of TLC, you can easily liven up your love this season!