It’s the time of year we’ve all been (not so patiently) waiting for: peony season! That’s right, one of our favorite flowers is finally in bloom, but only for a short period of time—from May 16 to June 12, to be exact. So, in honor of these perfect, pretty little gems, we’re focusing in on what it is that makes them so loved by all.

Close Up Photo Of Peony Flower

Why are peonies so special?

Unlike many other flower varieties, peonies are so lush and full; there is no need to mix them with other types of flowers to create a big, bold bouquet. According to our in-house senior floral designer, Mallory Green: “Peonies stand out all on their own. Each flower is extra large and fluffy once it opens, and they have a beautiful scent.”

Peonies are also captivating because you cannot easily get them year round. They are a special spring treat to look forward to each year—and we certainly do!

Pretty Peony Flower

What is considered peony season?

Spring, specifically May and June, is the only time of year in the U.S. with the climate needed to allow peonies to grow and flower. These sweet blooms love the sunshine. But if you’re planning on growing some yourself, we hope you’re patient, as they can take up to three years to bloom!

Bouquet Of Peonies

How do you care for peonies?

The change from bud to bloom is a dramatic one. Our peonies are shipped in tight buds, so recipients have the pleasure of seeing them unfold into these luxuriant, big, open blooms.

Once you receive your peonies, cut the stems at a diagonal with a knife or shears (approximately one inch or more), remove any foliage that may fall below the water line and place them in cool, clean water. Once prepped and placed in the vase, they will begin to open, although it may take a few days for them to reach their full, large, open-bloom stage.

Peonies will open more quickly in warmer room temperatures, and remain closed longer in cooler room temps.

Bouquet Of Peonies In Metal Vase

How do you decorate with peonies?

Peonies come in an assortment of colors—white, yellow, coral—although we’re partial to pink. They’re so feminine and opulent; we can’t help but want to fill our homes with them as soon as we get the chance.

Place them in a gorgeous vase, or in a charming, trendy mason jar. Instantly brighten up any room in the home—the kitchen, living room, even the bathrooms and bedrooms—with these delightful blooms. We love them all grouped together to create an extravagant bouquet, or even separated with just one or two blooms in smaller vases.


Take full advantage of these stunners while you have the chance, and enjoy seeing them everywhere—from the tops of wedding cakes to the local farmer’s market to the tables at your favorite restaurant—during high season. Be sure to order some flowers for all your besties, or for yourself, as a special treat just for being you.