Grown in warm weather and rich soil, ProFlowers snapdragons come in a variety of colors and sizes. They are the perfect companion to mixed bouquets due to their multiple trumpet blossoms all up and down the flower stem, giving the appearance of a long cone shape (like the nose of a dragon).

Snapdragons are geotropic flowers, so they always bend up. Therefore, if you’re working on a horizontal or diagonal arrangement prepare for the flowers to reach for the sky!

Upon receiving your mixed flower bouquet accompanied with snapdragons, you will find they are paired with 2 packets of floral food and instructions on caring for the flowers. Your flowers are thirsty and won’t perk up or blossom until they drink water for a few hours. Stick to these easy care instructions and the ones shipped in the box and your bouquet blooms will blossom over the next day or two.

1) Delicately un-wrap the protecting plastic liner from around your new snapdragons.

2) The floral foam used to keep your flowers fresh in transit also needs to be removed. At the same time, pull the bag that covers the floral foam, and the floral foam itself, off the bottom of your bouquet. Do this in one swift tug. This will help the bag hold on to any excess floral foam that may cause a mess.

3) Clean any leftover foam off the bottom of your stems.

4) Fill vase with room temperature water and mix it with 1 packet of flower food.

5) Take away any stem foliage that will fall below the water level. Excess foliage like this can muddy up water, or it can suck up too much water, leaving none for the actual blossoms.

6) Next, clip 1 inch off the stem bottoms. Do this at an angle to allow easier water absorption. Clipping the stems opens up the flower’s pores and cutting them under water eliminates any air bubbles that may occur.

7) Eventually, the stems need to be re-cut, the water needs to be changed and your second packet of flower food needs to be fed to the flowers. Do this on day 3 or when the water is turning yellow and cloudy. Yellow and cloudy water means that bacteria is forming, which kills off the flowers faster.

8) The flowers will last longer if they live in a room that has a cool temperature. Keep your snapdragon and other flowers away from direct sunlight, heat and drafts.

9) Pinch off spent leaves and deadheads for a fresher and longer lasting bouquet.