You do you! Singles Day gives you the unbridled greenlight to splurge and take care of the most important person in your life – you!

What is Singles’ Day? 

What started by a group of college students as a way to break up the monotony of singlehood with themed parties and festivities, Singles Day has ascended into the e-commerce top slot as the largest 24-hour shopping event in the world. Also known through the years as Bachelor’s Day or Double 11, the Chinese holiday celebrates unmarried individuals, both male and female, with self-indulgent shopping sprees and Single Day sales. 

For many, Singles Day remains an opportunity for self-reflection – a day to treat yourself and commemorate all the unique qualities that make you the incredible person you are. For others, since becoming a commercial event in 2009, Singles Day signifies the one day a year to uninhibitedly spend, spend, spend. From taking some quiet time to connect with yourself over a cup of coffee to setting your sights on that handy gadget to make your everyday life easier, however you choose to spend your Singles Day, remember – it’s all up to you!

When is National Singles’ Day? 

One is [not] the loneliest number when it comes to Singles Day. An obvious symbol for solo living, the number “1” represents the individual. With this in mind, the creators of Singles Day were strategic in designating November 11 or 11/11 for the annual event, as it resembles four singles standing together. A power-punch of comradery, Singles Day in 2011 was designated the Singles Day of the Century, as it was marked with a six-pack of 1’s banding together – 11/11/11.

Who Celebrates Singles’ Day? 

Originally known as Bachelor Day, over the years, the holiday has also become widely embraced by women and even couples. Ironically, Singles Day has grown into one of the biggest days for weddings in China. Since its inception, Singles Day has continuously evolved to bring together people of all ages and phases of life with a ‘the more the merrier’ mentality, developing the holiday into the unrivaled affair it is today.

Taking time for mindfulness and journaling, gathering up your girlfriends for a spa day or mani/pedis or hitting the online malls for those sweet sunglasses you’ve had your eyes on for weeks, there are a wide variety of ways to commemorate Singles Day to fit everyone’s definition of what the day means to them. Revelers attend mass blind date events and celebratory meet-ups such as karaoke, bowling or the movies, many times looking to end their singlehood. While some maximize the designated time, even if it’s only one day, to look inward and focus on

personal growth, introspection and goals for the days ahead. The beautiful thing about Singles Day is that there is no wrong way to do it. Whatever your personal interests, values and style, this is your day – own it!

Is Singles’ Day Bigger than Black Friday? 

In one word – Yes! In four words – without a doubt, yes! The electrifying combination of engaging marketing and a tech-savvy Chinese culture, Singles Day has become a massive e-commerce shopping day, vastly surpassing both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Recently, the targeting of teens and increased use of social media have added a major boost to sales as well. Offline, spending meets social as the frenzy and festivities continue with celebrity appearances, including the likes of Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian, and large-scale concerts and kick-off events. For many consumers, Singles Day is THE DAY  to shop for all of their favorite items from beauty and fashion to tech, and they will save up money specifically to participate in the deep discounts and celebratory promotions. Buyers are literally waiting on go for the retail hysteria to commence. Even more significant in the growth of Singles Day is that sales show no signs of slowing down as the holiday is gradually becoming more globally recognized. Its popularity is extending beyond China’s borders and increasing in awareness throughout Asia, Europe and the United States.

What Do You Buy Someone for Singles Day? 

Singles Day is your chance to spoil your favorite single person with the things they love most. Take the time leading up to the event to put on your listening cap and identify any cues or clues for items that will elevate their holiday. Personal care items, lifehack gadgets, exquisite flowers and rich chocolates are meaningful ways to pamper those you care about.

And, don’t forget to partake in the fun yourself! For that is what Singles Day is really all about – taking time for you!

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