If you were born between Nov. 22 and Dec. 21, your zodiac sign is Sagittarius. The official Sagittarius flower is the carnation, a beautiful multi-petaled flower that comes in a wide variety of colors. While there is a different meaning for each color of carnation, they are generally associated with love and fascination. Just like Sagittarius signs, the carnation is adaptable. Because there are so many different shades of carnations, they can fit in with flower bouquets for every occasion. The carnation is also a resilient flower that lasts a long time, similar to how Sagittarians are known to be strong-willed and dependable. 

Below we’ve outlined more about the history, meaning and symbolism behind carnations. We’ve also put together a list of Sagittarius personality traits and other Sagittarius flowers. 

Carnations in History

The carnation, also known as Dianthus caryophyllus, is one of the world’s oldest cultivated flowers, dating back to ancient Greek and Roman times. Historically, carnations have been featured in flower crowns, decorations and as the main ingredient in carnation teas used to treat stomach ailments. According to folklore, carnations originally sprouted from the Virgin Mary’s tears as she witnessed Jesus carry the cross. From this legend, carnations began to also symbolize a mother’s love. 

These days, carnations symbolize fascination, distinction and love. Carnations are one of the most popular flowers used in bouquets for every occasion. They are featured in Mother’s Day bouquets, wedding bouquets and arrangements for romantic occasions

Meaning and Symbolism Behind the Sagittarius Birth Flower

sagittarius flower carnation

Carnations are beautiful, durable flowers with a ruffled appearance that represent distinction, fascination and love. These flowers make for fantastic arrangements to show love on a wedding anniversary or to show gratitude to your mother on Mother’s Day. Because carnations come in a variety of colors, they’re flexible to almost any occasion. 

Here are the meanings of each carnation color:

  • White: White carnations signify purity and luck. They make for a great gift to express your best wishes to someone celebrating their wedding or graduation.
  • Light Red: Light red carnations are vibrant symbols of admiration. They are perfect for showing affection for someone, especially when paired with dark red carnations.
  • Dark Red: Dark red carnations represent love and affection, making them a great addition to a Valentine’s Day arrangement. When you want to show passionate love, dark red carnations go a long way.
  • Pink: Pink carnations signify gratitude and a mother’s love. To show someone you appreciate them, pink carnations make for a sweet gesture. 
  • Yellow: Yellow carnations symbolize rejection and disappointment. For happier occasions, these aren’t typically the way to go. Instead, you may want to gift yellow carnations in times of sympathy or to apologize for something. 

Regardless of which color you choose, carnations are a beautiful addition to almost any flower arrangement. Whether you’re using yellow carnations to apologize or dark red carnations to tell your partner you love them, this vibrant flower is great for expressing your feelings. 

Sagittarius Personality Traits 

sagittarius personality traits

Sagittarians are extroverted intellectuals always on the lookout for new adventures. They are clever, lighthearted jokesters who captivate their friends with a quick wit and imaginative stories. They are always on the search for knowledge and are unafraid to speak the truth, even if it ruffles feathers along the way.  

Like archers, Sagittarians are never afraid to shoot their shot. They are honest about their feelings and communicate openly in relationships. Their empathy and dedication to the truth make Sagittarians trustworthy friends and caring partners. Their optimistic attitude is contagious and never fails to inspire confidence in others. 

Here are some of the most notable Sagittarius personality traits:

  • Humorous: Sagittarians make great friends because of their comedic disposition. They have a knack for making others laugh with their quick-witted remarks and brutal honesty.
  • Independent: Sagittarians seek freedom in new adventures and novel experiences. People of this sign are born wanderers, able to adapt to any situation. 
  • Honest: One of the key traits of a Sagittarius is authenticity. Sometimes they are honest to a fault and their bluntness can upset people. Others find this honesty a breath of fresh air.
  • Optimistic: A Sagittarian is always looking on the bright side, even when faced with difficult situations. Their smile is contagious and their happy-go-lucky attitude inspires others. 
  • Curious: Sagittarians are always on the search to understand the world around them. This thirst for knowledge fuels their adventurous spirit and their extroverted personality. 

Other Sagittarius Flowers

While carnations are the official Sagittarius birth flower, there are a variety of other flowers that complement this zodiac sign. We’ve outlined some of the best flowers for a Sagittarius below. 



Gladioli represent faithfulness, integrity and strength. They have a unique shape and come in all sorts of different colors including pink, purple, yellow, orange, burgundy and green. Additionally, the gladiolus can grow up to 6 feet tall, making it a noticeable flower that stands out from the crowd. 

The gladiolus flower inherited its name from the Latin word “gladius,” which means “sword.” For this reason, the Romans associated the flower with strength. In other cultures, the gladiolus flower was used for medicinal purposes, in order to remove thorns and splinters. Because this flower is known to symbolize faithfulness, it’s often used in bouquets for wedding anniversaries.



The protea flower gets its name from Proteus, the Greek god of the sea. This flower is large, resilient and comes in an abundance of different shapes and colors. Protea flowers have a distinct appearance of overlapping petals and stamens that sometimes resemble the pattern of an artichoke. The boldness of this flower earns it a reputation symbolizing courage and diversity.

Protea flowers are believed to have been around for hundreds of millions of years. The flower’s ability to adapt and survive in any situation is part of what makes them the perfect flower for a Sagittarian. While the protea is the national flower of South Africa, these days its unique beauty can be found in places all over the globe. 



Over the years, the iris has come to symbolize wisdom, faith and hope. This flower’s vibrant, overlapping leaves have a unique charm that makes it a great addition to any garden or bouquet. Iris flowers are versatile — the perfect gift for romantic occasions or just because. In the same way that Sagittarians are independent and free-spirited, the iris is a low-maintenance plant that can bloom with almost no help at all.

The iris was named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow, who acted as a bridge between Earth and heaven. Ancient Greeks would even plant purple irises on the graves of deceased women to help them transition in their journey to the afterlife. Depending on the color of the iris, it can also represent royalty, courage or passion. 

Fun Facts About Sagittarius Flowers

These beautiful Sagittarius flowers each have a rich history that contributes to their popularity. From the Greeks to the Egyptians, these flowers have been used by a wide range of cultures for a variety of purposes. Here are some of our favorite facts about these zodiac flowers:

  • In Japan, the iris has been used to ward off evil energies.
  • Protea flowers are known to be so durable that they can survive and thrive in wildfires.
  • Gladiolus flowers are representative of the 40th wedding anniversary.
  • The carnation is an edible flower, often used as a garnish on salads.
  • The South Africa national cricket team is nicknamed Proteas, after the resilient flower.
  • In France, the iris and its three petals symbolize the Trinity.
  • Along with the poppy, the gladiolus is the official birth flower for August.
  • People often change the color of their carnations using dyes or food coloring.

Now that you have a grasp on which flowers are best for a Sagittarius, be sure to put your knowledge to use! Whether you want to celebrate a Sagittarian with a birthday bouquet or wish them good luck, you have plenty of beautiful flowers to choose from.