Give him flowers

Roses have fascinated man for over 5,000 years. Their colors, scent, and texture lure people in and over time roses have become the most popular flower to give and receive. Although white, pink, yellow, and peach roses are normal to give, it is most common to send red roses. The red rose is typically given from a man to a woman as a symbol of their love and passion. Hardly ever does a man receive roses though. One reason for this is because colors like white, red, and pink roses are considered too feminine to present to a man. Another reason is because many women don’t know if it’s okay to buy rose bouquets for a man at all. We’re here to tell you, it is. And we have the perfect alternatives to the feminine rose colors displayed every day.

Brown Roses

Ever thought of sending him brown roses on a special occasion? Ever even thought of brown roses at all? Though not a common flower to grow or give, this natural beauty can be found in several shades of brown all the way from caramel to chocolate. And because there are so many different shades, this flower can feel sweet, but still manly if they need to be. The brown rose is a typical symbol of friendship and thanks, but can also symbolize warmth and stability, making them great flowers for men.

Blue Roses

Although they don’t truly exist in nature, blue roses are extremely popular amongst flower lovers. Bright blue roses came to be when someone decided to dye white ones this eye-catching hue. Some consider certain variants of purple and lavender roses to be shades of blue, but roses do not, in fact, possess the pigment to create this color organically. Because of this, the blue rose symbolizes mystery and ambiguity. Many times the blue rose is given to a person who is hard to figure out, or mysterious. On the flip side, this blue flower can also signify the extraordinary, telling the person who receives them that they are remarkable.

Black Roses

The black rose- such an interesting and sought after flower. Its blooms intrigue anyone who looks at it. Perhaps this is because they are trying to figure out how a black rose has come to be. Many may find it interesting to know that black roses do not actually exist. In reality, they are deep red or deep violet roses that look black in bud form and then bloom into their true color. The only way to get a true black flower is to paint it this majestic color.

Black roses have several meanings tied to them and it can be hard to understand exactly what they symbolize. Some say this flower is the symbol of hatred or any kind of death (life, relationships, etc.). But many feel this rose color evokes a meaning of rebirth or a new journey after the death or passing of some particular time or event. Send him black roses if he has started a new job he loves or you have come upon a renewal in your relationship.

Look for all of these rose colors to send to the man in your life, whether they are for your husband, dad, friend, co-worker, or crush! And if none of these colors express exactly what you want to say, it is perfectly acceptable to look for and send a man white, red, or even burgundy roses online.