Instead of putting all the pressure to plan the perfect date on your man this Valentine’s Day, give him a gift he will truly appreciate and plan the outing yourself, with his interests in mind. Planning a romantic Valentine’s excursion for your guy shows him that you appreciate all he does and allows him to see just how thoughtful a romantic partner you can be.

Snowy Football Game

Plan a Valentine’s event that lets your sports lover mix his two favorite things: football and you. Select a local park at which to hold your event. Tell your man to dress warmly but in athletic gear. To make the event even more special, give him a uniform to wear, like a personalized football sweatshirt or similar Valentine’s Day gift. Pack a football along with some hot chocolate and a blanket for after the game, and then head out to your carefully chosen place. Play a round of one-on-one football with your guy, allowing him to tackle and smooch you as you both show off your skills.

At-Home Art Studio

Get down and dirty with your artsy man this Valentine’s Day by creating an at-home art studio. Buy some drop cloths, canvases and paints, and lay them out in an open area in your home. When your guy arrives, invite him to join you in creating some works of art. To ensure that hunger doesn’t impact his otherwise stellar artistic ability, prepare some snacks to keep him full.

Guy’s Spa Night

Though some may be loath to admit it, most guys do enjoy being pampered. Make your man’s pampering wishes come true this Valentine’s Day by creating a spa night. Purchase some manly potions to use on your guy. When he shows up for his Valentine’s date, give him a robe into which to change, and let the pampering begin. Give him a massage, rub his tired toes and perhaps even draw a bubble bath into which he can slip to unwind. Serve some champagne and strawberries to pamper his palate as well.

First Date Revisited

Get your guy reminiscing by re-creating your first date. Make reservations at the restaurant you and your man first visited together, buy some tickets to a show at the movie theater where you shared your first kiss or plan a walk in the park where you first strolled hand in hand. You could even order the same Valentine’s Day bouquet that he gave you on your first Valentine’s Day together. Try to make the date as close to the original as possible, except this time, you pick up the tab.

Chocolate Concoction Kitchen

Instead of buying your guy a box of chocolates this Valentine’s Day, invite him to join you in making your own sugary treats. Buy chocolate, marshmallows, strawberries and other sweet ingredients. Give your guy an apron and invite him into the kitchen to turn these components into chocolate treats. After you have worked your fingers to the bone, retire next to the fireplace and sample your creations.