Our spring line of plant containers is particularly awesome this year for two reasons: its products are both stylish and multi-functional.

So much more than a vessel for your lovely garden, these beauties deserve to be on display year round. Here are two creative ways we’re reusing and restyling these gorgeous containers.


Plant Container Used As Candy Dish

As spring is the season for all things sweet and colorful, turn your floral egg container from your Easter brunch tulips into an adorable candy dish. We added some colorful jellybeans, which are pretty much the candy of the season. This makes the perfect treat for your guests on Easter Sunday too.



Plant Container Used As Drink Tub

Throwing a spring or summer get together? Put some ice and beverages in the citrus drink tub from your sweet citrus garden. This makes the perfect bright and cheerful accent to your party and gives guests a place to grab a cool refreshment on a warm day.


The next time you’re thinking about stashing away your plant containers to never see the light of day, think again! With containers this chic, you’ll want to keep them out on display for as long as you can. Plus, these keepsake vases and containers help extend the excitement you felt upon receiving such a cool gift.