Santa's WorkshopEquipped with its own strand of tiny lights and miniature Christmas tree decorations, a ProFlowers’ mini Christmas tree casts its seasonal spell in any room of the house.

While it may not replace the six-foot Douglas Fir in the living room, this reusable Christmas tree serves well as a holiday accent in the bathroom, kitchen or even a child’s room not just for one Christmas, but years after. A hardy evergreen conifer, European Cypress last for decades inside or out, all while exuding the seasonal scent of fresh pine. Skip the artificial Christmas tree this year. Take a look at our Christmas tree shop below to find just the right, fresh version for your home or those of family members and friends.

With its strand of colored lights and 12 mini ornaments, this mini Christmas tree most closely resembles the traditional version. Because the decorating belongs in the hands of Christmas revelers, we deliver the tree with ornaments and lights wrapped beside it. As with a big tree, decorators can move ornaments around on this tree as often as the Christmas spirit moves them. The shiny, red tin holding the tree is just the dose of Christmas magic that pulls the whole look together. Upgrading to the striped candy cane tin adds even more fun holiday spirit.

Snowman Festival Tree

How could anyone resist the Christmas spirit after seeing the expressions on these jovial snowmen? The Snowman Festival mini Christmas tree backs up the colors in the 12 snowmen (four different types included) with a strand of white mini lights. Perfect for mantles, side tables, piano tops and more, the Snowman Festival Tree lightens hearts and moods in all good little girls and boys. Upgrade to the silver mint julep tin for a more classic Christmas look. After this Christmas tree delivery, no family member can bah-humbug his or her way out of the fun of decorating.

Gingerbread Workshop

Lights! Camera! Christmas Colors!  The Gingerbread Workshop mini Christmas tree blooms with color and excitement. The six, stitched gingerbread people, three Christmas candy canes and three stockings in their reds, greens and browns create a kaleidoscope of colors, particularly when illuminated by the 20 colored lights. While the festive red tin complements this tree perfectly, buyers can jazz the look a bit by choosing the candy cane tin option. Of all mini Christmas trees online, this one shouts “Merry Christmas!” the most.

Kindle the Christmas Spirit when You Buy Mini Christmas Tree Gifts

It’s tough to hear, “we’re just not going to bother with a tree this year” from friends and family in the weeks before Christmas.

Out-of-town parents, those in the military and those living far away perhaps without children often find getting the six-foot Christmas tree impractical. It involves a lot of work: hauling the tree to and from the tree lot and drop off site, getting Christmas decorations from storage and then packing them all back up again. The hassle may not be worth the effort for many. Does that mean they have to do completely without the pretty, sparkling tree at Christmas?

Luckily, there’s a middle ground that delivers the fun and rich greenery of Christmas without all the overwhelming hassle or resorting to the artificial Christmas tree. Send or order two feet of fragrant holiday cheer and even bring it into your own home when you buy a mini Christmas tree!  In addition, adding a selection of personalized Christmas ornaments for kids or custom photo ornaments are a fantastic way for the whole family to get involved decorating this mini tree.