Our favorite season is here: pumpkin season! These beautiful and versatile gourds are showing up everywhere: on doorsteps with wicked grins, in delicious breads and pies and in the craft beers and cocktails that warm you up on chilly autumn nights.

So why do we love pumpkin so much? Maybe it’s the warm, rich feeling of fall it inspires in us: leaves changing colors, freshly baked pies and cobblers, the gathering of loved ones. It’s hard not to love a vegetable that you can eat both savory and sweet, draw on and carve up, pick out yourself from a farmer’s field…and even drink as a flavor in a latte!

Want to do more than just put a pumpkin on the stoop this year? Live in an apartment or studio, but still want to decorate for the season? A pumpkin-inspired party is a fun way for you to unleash your creativity and gather friends and family together for a memorable meal.


Throw an elegant autumn dinner party

If the weather outside is frightful—frightfully perfect, that is—take the party onto the patio! This tablescape calls for rich-colored linens of burgundy or cobalt, glittering silver cutlery and frosted glasses. String some lights and put on a record or call up the friend with a projector and have a movie screening in the backyard. Set the table with plenty of candles, miniature pumpkins and fresh fall flowers. Hearty casseroles, roasted vegetables and stewed meats are the perfect complement to the chilly autumn air. Serve a seasonal pumpkin beer and watch your guests cheer! Late Night Pumpkin Ale by North Country Brewing is our favorite: medium bodied and smooth with butter biscuit on the nose, and a palate of sweet malt, pumpkin pie, allspice and clove. Finish the evening with dense, buttery pumpkin bread for dessert.


Pumpkin Bread


As mentioned, nothing quite warms up the home and has hungry friends and family hanging around the kitchen like moist, delicious pumpkin bread in the oven—and the mouth-watering smell of cinnamon and sugar mixing with crisp fall air. Here is one of our favorite fall treats for you to store away as a secret weapon! This recipe for pumpkin bread is a fabulous combination of sweet and spicy with a dense, moist center.

For a more intimate experience, spend an afternoon with a friend, old or new. Bring some fresh fall flowers for her table, put on a pot of tea and roll up your sleeves. Baking together gives you a chance to laugh, catch up and share in the delicious rewards of your teamwork.

Not just a great gift or centerpiece, the Pumpkin Patch Bouquet is a memorable addition to the season, and you can find it in our Fall Flowers Collection. Its miniature pumpkins can be used again and again to decorate your kitchen and entryway, and the bouquet will infuse your home with the subtle smells of fall and spices for weeks to come.