It’s no secret that ProFlowers has some of the best, freshest blooms and plants around. But do you know how? Our very own Director of Merchandising, Megan Matanzo, has created a “test kitchen” of plants at her own home to experiment and learn everything there is to know about the plants we sell.


Megan's Test Kitchen


Here are just a few of her successes with our plants. The good news is you too can extend the life of your ProPlants gifts by planting them and starting your own home garden.



Rosemary Tree

One of our most fragrant plants, rosemary is not only beautiful but also delicious when used as an herb on certain dishes, like one of our favorite summer herb recipes, skillet rosemary chicken. Megan planted three of our rosemary tree samples and grew them into a complete hedge in her front yard. “I’ve used rosemary for cooking and in flower arrangements over the years,” she says. If you receive a rosemary tree as a gift, consider planting it and using the sprigs for a fresh, uplifting taste to your home-cooked meals or to incorporate into your home décor.


Potted Red Roses

Mini Roses

No one can resist the charm of potted roses. While they do look lovely in any room of the home, why not prolong their life and plant them outdoors? Matanzo has taken one of our potted red rose plants and transformed it into an actual rosebush. “The blooms have even increased in size over the years!” She says, “If you plant our mini roses in the ground, I’ve found that the blooms also get bigger as the mini rose plant gets bigger. If you saw it, you’d think it was a standard-sized rose plant.” Try planting your potted roses and have an endless supply of this gorgeous flower to enjoy.



Succulents in the test kitchen.

These plants are very “in style” right now, for their beauty and because of the fact that they thrive in most USDA garden zones and are extremely drought tolerant. Matanzo has planted succulents and their trimmings from our Succulent Garden in several places and they are huge now.


Easter Tree (Lemon Cypress)

Cypress Tree

Matanzo planted an eight-year-old cypress tree that was just 20″ tall and is now as tall as her house. It even brings the invigorating scent of lemons to her home.

Matanzo currently lives in San Diego, and has clearly seen much success with her gardens. As climates do vary throughout the country, she recommends researching which plants thrive best in your specific area by visiting USDA gardening zones before you start your garden.

Also learn step-by-step instructions on transplanting plants from their pots to your outdoor garden.

Plants truly are a gift that keeps on giving. While potted plants and flowers are beautiful additions to any home space, they can flourish and transform into something much grander, and you can enjoy the fruits of your labor for much longer, when planted in an outdoor garden. They not only serve to landscape around your home, but the blooms and buds can be used again and again.