Peruvian Lily

Peruvian lily

ProFlowers’ Peruvian Lilies are grown in the high mountain valleys of the Andes in South America. The rich soil and year-round warm temperatures produce showy lilies with long straight stems and an abundance of blooms.

When you receive your box of ProFlowers Peruvian lilies, you will also find 2 packets of floral food and instructions on caring for the flowers. Peruvian Lilies are long-lasting, but dehydrate easily and may look thirsty upon arrival. Let your lilies drink water for about 8-12 hours to perk up. Follow the instructions below and the ones provided with the flowers and your Peruvian lilies will bloom over the next few days.

1) Carefully un-wrap the protective plastic liner over the top of your lily bouquet.

2) Your flowers are accompanied with floral foam to keep your flowers fresher during the transit. Pull the bag that covers the floral foam, and the floral foam itself, off the bottom of your bouquet in one swift tug. This will help the bag catch any excess foam that may cause a mess.

3) Rinse any excess foam off the bottom of the flower stems.

4) Cut stems at an angle and under water. Take off about 1 inch. The purpose of cutting the stems is to open up the flower’s pores and allow them to drink water. The angle makes it easier to absorb the water

5) Remove any foliage off of the stems that will fall below the water level. This foliage muddies up the water, or it can suck up too much water, leaving none for the actual blossoms.

6) Fill vase with 1 packet of flower food and room temperature water.

7) On the 3rt day or when the water is turning cloudy, re-cut stems, change water and add second packet of flower food. When water starts to change colors, this means that bacteria is growing in it, which will cause the flowers to wilt faster.

8) Your Peruvian lilies will last longer if they live in a room that has a cool temperature. Keep your flowers away from direct sunlight, heat and drafts.

9) Remove spent leaves to keep bouquet looking fresh longer.

Keep in mind, lilies are toxic for animals to ingest, particularly dogs and cats. So place these beautiful flowers where they will not accidentally be eaten by them!