Your wedding day is quite possibly the most important and memorable day of your life to date. No pressure, right? Wrong! Planning every detail of this One. Perfect. Day is quite possibly the most stressful time of your life too.

We’re here to help with one of those little (big) details—your bouquet; the bouquet that you will carry with you as you walk down the aisle toward wedded bliss. You may opt to have a professional create the bouquet of your dreams. But you may also want to add your own personal touch to this traditional element of your day.

Here are three creative ways to make your bouquet so unique and stylish, it will stand out in every one of the 4,000 photos that will undoubtedly be taken.

Something Borrowed


Mom, Grandma, your great aunt, someone has given you a lovely heirloom string of pearls to wear on this special day. If this sentimental token doesn’t really “go” with your look, add it to your wedding bouquet. Tie pearls, a locket or anything “borrowed” around the stems of your bouquet for a beautiful and meaningful addition.

Also, traditionally the stems of the wedding bouquet are trimmed to the same length and secured together seamlessly with silk ribbon and pins. We like the idea of styling the flowers a little messier, a little more natural—allow them to be trimmed at varying lengths, so the bouquet looks imperfectly perfect.


A Dress Sash


If you’ve seen one wedding bouquet, you’ve seen them all…sort of. There isn’t a ton of variation besides flower type and colors. Do something a little cleverer, a little more you—find a wedding dress sash that matches your dress and wrap that around the stems of your bouquet. This allows so much creative freedom—choose one that is beaded with pearls or rhinestones, or one in lace or in an ornate design. This is one of those little details that ties your whole look together, and won’t go unnoticed, especially by your most fashionable friends.


A Flower in Her Hair


The flowers are such a big part of the whole day—flowers for the tables, décor, the bride, bridesmaids, groomsmen (and so on!). With all the gorgeous flowers going around, consider adding some flowers in your hair as well.

This look is unique and stylish and so completely beautiful, we can hardly stand it. Take the same flowers from your wedding bouquet and have your stylist incorporate them into your hairstyle. This is the perfect way to create a cohesive look and add a pretty, whimsical charm to your style. One or many flowers in your hair can work for any hairstyle too–up, down, half up, you name it.

One of the greatest things about weddings (besides the whole getting married thing) is that they are so indicative of your personal style. Every wedding is different because every bride is different. These are just a few ways to make your wedding uniquely yours. Good luck!